Chamomile for Facial Sebaceous Glands

Chamomile for Facial Sebaceous Glands






1 Handful of Dried Chamomile


1 Liter of Water




Preparation and application:


Put the water in a small saucepan.


Add the daisies to the pot and turn on the stove.


Turn off the heat after the mixture boils.


Strain the mixture in the pot with the help of a strainer.


Wait for the water to cool.


Wet the towel by dipping it into the filtered water.


Apply the wet and warm towel to the areas with oil glands by compressing.


Every time the towel gets cold, wet it again and repeat the same process a few times.


Wipe your skin with a paper towel.




You can do this application every day until the oil glands disappear.


While applying, the towel should be warm or hot. Do it by controlling the most suitable temperature without burning your skin.


Always take care to keep your skin clean to prevent the formation of oil glands. Clean your skin with soaps with anti-bacterial properties.


Never squeeze your oil glands. Because the oil gland is more likely to spread in the area where it comes out.


Never try to remove the oil glands with a cutting tool.


If you have oil glands, stay away from the sun.


When choosing cosmetic products, you should choose oil-free products that are suitable for your skin.


If you have harmful oil glands; You should see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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