Necessary tests to find out the causes of weight gain

Do you suffer from unexplained weight gain?..If you have to read this report to learn about the most important and best tests that you must do to find out if you suffer from a disease, it will help you discover it, treat it and get rid of excess weight.


In this regard, the nutrition expert and endocrinologist, Dr. Oksana Mikhalieva, revealed the best and most important tests that must be performed in the event of an inability to lose weight despite following tricks that contribute to this, such as exercising and eating healthy foods, according to her interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.


The nutrition expert explained that conducting the tests has two main goals, which are to identify the causes of obesity, and to identify the complications of obesity or health problems that may be the reason for weight loss.


The nutritionist presented the tests, including:


A complete blood picture, to determine the level of hemoglobin.


– Biochemical blood analysis, to determine the level of metabolism of iron, calcium and fats in uric acid, which helps in detecting the presence of complications such as atherosclerosis and gout.


– Kidney and liver functions, which contributes to knowing whether this person suffers from fatty liver or not.


Measuring the percentage of vitamin D in the body.


Thyroid hormone analysis:


In the event that good and natural results are not obtained, the reason may be hormonal disorders that cause weight stability.


General urine analysis.


EKG is a necessary procedure.


Ultrasound on the abdomen to detect internal obesity and gallstones

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