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What are the harms of eating fast food?

Fast food is defined as food that is prepared and served very quickly in public places or brought into homes.



_ Fast food is sold in restaurants and shops, but it is often of lower quality and saturated with fats and oils, so it has very serious harms, which are as follows:


1. Fast food contains large amounts of fats, sugars and proteins. When the buyer eats it, it accumulates in his body, leading to a huge increase in his weight and size.



2. _These fast foods affect the genes responsible for obesity in individuals, and this obesity in turn sometimes leads to the death of those affected.



3. One of the harmful effects of fast food is that it is often solid and hardened, so it causes hardening of the arteries and heart disease and infects individuals with cancer. It also infects individuals with diabetes, especially when eating these meals with soft drinks.



4. Another of the harmful effects of fast food is that it does not contain the important fibers and minerals that the human body needs, as fast food leads to individuals suffering from anemia, anemia, high cholesterol, as well as diseases of the spine.



5. Another harmful effect of fast food is that it causes asthma in children as a result of it being devoid of vegetables, vitamins, and fiber. These vitamins are necessary for the stomach and intestines to perform their functions regularly.



6. Often, when an individual eats fast food, he is exposed to food poisoning, as a result of the food being unhygienic and not following the correct nutritional principles and standards in preservation, storage, and production. The rate of poisoning is very high among those who eat fast food, and cases of recovery from it are very rare, as it often leads to death as a result of not Giving them the necessary medical care.



7. One of the harmful effects of fast food is that it exposes the individual, as a result of eating food quickly, to indigestion, diseases of the intestines and stomach, and numerous ulcers and severe infections in the stomach.

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