Warnings about consuming caffeine powder  

Warnings about consuming caffeine powder

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a strong warning to companies that market caffeine powder directly to consumers. This powder is often sold in large quantities, and it contains 100% pure caffeine. What is considered a source of concern is that any small amount of these stimulants can cause… An overdose is considered sufficient to kill an adult.

One teaspoon of caffeine powder is equivalent to about 25 cups of coffee, which is why the FDA wants parents to be aware of the risks that such products pose to the health of teenagers and young adults, especially after the death of a student due to a caffeine overdose.

Last May, a young boy died of an irregular heartbeat after suffering a seizure resulting from an overdose of this substance. The autopsy revealed the presence of more than 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood. After this tragic death, the mother reported that she found… Several bags of pure caffeine powder in their home.

Teenagers can easily purchase caffeine powder through websites that sell vitamins and nutritional supplements. In recent years, efforts have increased to regulate caffeine-based products due to potential health risks. Just last year, the US Food and Drug Administration began investigating 13 deaths and 33 hospitalizations linked to the consumption of energy products containing caffeine.

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