Mixtures that benefit the skin within 10 minutes

In the world of beauty, there are various useful mixtures for the skin from nature. The mask is very necessary to serve your beauty, as it stimulates blood circulation and restores vitality to tired skin. These masks are used more in the summer to treat dry skin from sunlight. Use these masks once a week or twice only or on any occasion you would like to attend because the mask gives you freshness and vitality and gives it a natural redness.


Here are the masks


Banana mask with honey





Cut the banana into small pieces, dip each piece in honey and put it on your face for (15) minutes, then wash it off with water.


Milk and egg mask


Take an egg white, a spoon of milk and a spoon of honey and mix them well and put it on the face for (15) minutes, then wash with water


strawberry and banana mask


Mash the banana well, then add the strawberry juice, put it on the face for a quarter of an hour and rinse with water.


Onion and honey mask


Juice of two onions with a spoon of honey mix well and put on the face for (20) minutes, rinse the face with lukewarm water, wash with soap, rinse with cold water and sprinkle with rose water.

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