Ginger for great hair and skin

Ginger is a natural spice and is known all over the world for its pungent smell and pungent taste. Ginger has been used with Chinese herbs for more than 2500 years. It is used as a spice in food and is also very important as a medicine. Therefore, we have chosen for you, madam, recipes for skin and hair from this wonderful plant.


Treating hair loss: Ginger stimulates blood circulation, as it speeds up the delivery of blood rich in nutrients needed to the scalp. Therefore, we advise you to massage the hair-poor scalp with fresh ginger slices, and the result will be noticed immediately after use.


To protect your hair from falling out and grow it again, you need: A tablespoon of ground ginger in addition to a tablespoon of sesame oil, mix them and massage them on your scalp and leave them for a whole night and when you wake up wash your hair, use it three times a week, and your hair will return to its growth and will be strong and beautiful.


Ginger for the skin: One of the benefits of ginger is that it whitens and cleans the skin, so we advise you to use these natural mixtures:





1- grated ginger + a spoon of honey + a spoon of beer yeast.


How to use: Clean and wash your skin before applying the mixture to your skin, then put the ginger mixture for a quarter of an hour, and then wash your face.


2- Half a lemon + egg white + a small amount of ginger.


How to use: Mix the ingredients together, then put the mixture on your face for ten minutes, and then wash your face well and you will notice the difference.