My Experience With Pixi Toner And Is It Really Worth A Try?


The Pixie Toner has become popular in the recent period as it is one of the most prominent scrubs for the skin, which prompted me to try it, and in the next lines I will show you the delicacy of my experience with Pixi Toner and how my skin has become after using it.

My experience with Pixie Toner

When I read and heard a lot about Bixie Toner, I decided to try it, especially since my skin is mixed, and it has a lot of large pores and blackheads, it is a natural exfoliator for the skin that gets rid of dark spots and blackheads, and fights wrinkles as the face gets rid of dead skin cells, as it consists of the following ingredients :

Glycerin, known for its moisturizing properties.

Aloe Vera, which works to moisturize and soften the skin.

Witch hazel, which helps tighten large pores on the face.

Glycolic acid.

Sucrose, glucose and fructose.

When I used the toner, I noticed the following:

My facial pores have become narrow and look natural, unlike before.

My skin has become smoother and more supple.

My skin became clear and completely free of traces of pimples and dark spots.

My skin has become supple and even thanks to castor oil.

There are no longer any blackheads or scars on my skin, and the fine lines on my forehead and in the mouth area have disappeared.

There is no longer any excess fat or whiteheads in the nose.

My complexion became more youthful, glowy, and dulled.

How I use Toner Pixi

I use toner twice a day, by cleaning my skin with the lotion designated for it and rinsing it with water, then I put an appropriate amount of toner on a cotton ball and pass it on my face gently and in a circular motion, avoiding the eye contour and then passing it on the neck area, and after that I apply the moisturizing cream.

What is special about Pixi Toner in my experience?

Pixi Toner is free of alcohol and paraben.

Contains aloe vera and ginseng.

Contains glycolic acid.

Results begin to appear within the first two weeks of regular use on a daily basis.

Toner Pixi price

The toner is available in Egypt for a 100 ml package at a price of 239 pounds, and it is available in Saudi Arabia at 57 riyals, and it is available in the UAE at 55 riyals.

I hope that I showed you my experience with Pixi Toner in detail, and I advise all women to try it because it is really worth a try, do not look at its price, but look at its benefits and the results that will appear on your skin, if you have previously tried it then share your experience with us via comments.

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