10 recipes for lengthening nails at home


A lot of women suffer from nail problems that descend in their weakness and lack of growth of her natural hair, contrary to what some people think nails are a sign of beauty in women, and its weakness may indicate a lack of vitamins in the daily diet.

So it was necessary to interest in it as a fundamental factor to don good appearance to the hands and restore the women’s self-confidence, here we’ll help you solve this problem through 10 recipes to extend nails at home. fast, inexpensive, and may even show results in a very short period be a week to two weeks.

10 recipes for lengthening nails at home

1-lemon to lengthen nails :

Lemon is an essential whitening agent that helps maintain the shine and whiten the nails in a very noticeable way. Simply put lemon juice complete with half a glass of water, then use a piece of cotton and soak it in the mixture slightly, then rub the nails with cotton wetted mixture for a minute or half a minute, then let the nails dry a few minutes and then act them with water. Repeat the recipe 4 times a day, and you will notice the result after a week of city government.

2-egg yolk to lengthen nails

Add egg yolks on 2m.K of white honey on 1m.R of salt. The recipe is thoroughly mixed until homogeneous, the mixture is applied to the nails with a constant rubbing, then the nails are left for half an hour and washed with lukewarm water.

3-coconut oil to lengthen nails

Coconut oil is a nutrient-rich oil that is important for strengthening and lengthening nails. A hanging of oil is mixed with a hanging of olive oil, with a hanging of lemon juice. Mix the elements together, soak the nails for a quarter of an hour and then rinse with water. Repeat the method once or twice a day for best results.

4. garlic to lengthen nails 

One of the most important and fastest effective ways to ensure a satisfactory result in the shortest possible time is for the countless benefits of garlic. 4 cloves of garlic are placed with a small amount of water and then mixed with a blender. Apply the extracted juice to your nails with a brush or spoon daily before bedtime and you will get long nails in a very short time.

5-olive oil to lengthen nails

Olive oil contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, K, D, E, so it was an important factor affecting the health and strengthening of nails. Mix olive oil with lemon juice and soak nails in the mixture for a quarter of an hour, then rub the nails with warm olive oil, repeating the truth daily and you’ll get a noticeable result.

6-avocado to lengthen nails

Mash the avocado and mix with rose water, put the dough on the nails for 15-25 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat the method once a day for two weeks.

7. milk to lengthen nails

Important element in their impact on the statement nail and keep shining it. Placed the warm milk in a bowl and soak your nails for 5 minutes. Repeat the method twice for two weeks.

8-butter to lengthen nails

Butter is a fatty substance that keeps nails moist and protects them from drying out. Melt the butter and gently rub it on your nails, then rinse with water. Repeat the recipe daily for two weeks.

9-fish oil recipe for lengthening nails

Contains fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids polyunsaturated will help you to nail in a short time. Simply, grease the oil daily and you will get strong and durable nails at the same time.

(Fish oil can be used in another way, which is to drink it once a week, which also helps to protect against several diseases such as cancer.)

10-biotin recipe for nail lengthening :

Biotin or so-called vitamin H is an important element that helps the body produce keratin, which is the essential component of hair, skin and nails. Foods several contain biotin, such as potatoes, oats, almond, carrots, onions, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, liver, mushrooms, sardines. Just add these elements to your diet and you’ll notice the difference.

This was one of the top 10 proven recipes to lengthen nails at home and care for long and beautiful looking nails ..