Chocolate masks for hair


There is no doubt that chocolate is a favorite dessert for everyone, especially women, as it increases the feeling of joy and happiness, but have you ever thought of using chocolate on your hair, as chocolate has many benefits on the hair, it is a natural remedy to stimulate hair growth as it makes hair softer, shiny and attractive, and in this article

Chocolate for hair

Chocolate masks for hair

The benefits of chocolate for :

Cocoa powder contains fats (22%), proteins, tannins, minerals and organic acids, these nutrients are necessary to nourish the scalp and hair follicles and improve the structure of the hair, therefore cocoa is used in hair care especially in cases of damaged and weakened hair .

Cocoa powder also contains large amounts of mincium, a mineral that helps reduce hair loss, cocoa powder also contains very high levels of antioxidants compared to many other natural ingredients, so it is a wonderful and effective treatment for hair, it adds vitality to the hair, increases the shine and volume of hair, promotes hair growth, prevents split and damaged ends of hair and prevents

The cocoa powder as an ingredient in hair masks to revitalize blood circulation in the scalp which stimulates hair follicles and thus promotes hair growth faster, you will notice that your hair has become thick and soft after using the chocolate mask on the hair regularly .

You can also use cocoa butter on the hair to moisturize the hair deeply, which helps to improve the overall appearance of the person .

Chocolate masks on hair :

1-mask of cocoa, bee honey and castor oil :

Ingredients :

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

1 teaspoon cocoa butter

Half a teaspoon castor oil

Marinated green tea

Method of preparation :

First prepare drenched green tea : mix a teaspoon of green tea leaves in a cup of hot water and leave to infuse for 3 minutes at the most .

Melt the cocoa butter in a small bowl until it turns liquid, then add the cocoa butter to the green tea .

Add the remaining ingredients to the mixture of cocoa butter and green tea and them together well till you get smooth puree and homogeneous, if the mixture was liquid a little, add more cocoa powder until mixture holds together .

Method of use :

Apply this mask to wet hair from the roots to the ends, gently massaging the mixture on the hair and scalp in circular motions .

Leave the mask on the hair from 1 to 2 hours .

Wash your hair with water and shampoo in the usual way .

Benefits of ingredients used in chocolate mask for hair with bee honey and castor oil :

Cocoa butter :

Cocoa butter helps moisturize the hair, improve the appearance and strength of the hair, reduces hair loss and helps to treat and prevent dandruff.

Raw bee honey :

Raw honey adds shine and volume to brittle and dull hair, moisturizes and softens hair, prevents hair shedding, and strengthens hair follicles .

Castor oil :

Stimulates rapid hair growth, protects hair from damage and thinning, castor oil maintains the pH level of the scalp, treats frizzy, dull and brittle hair .

Green tea :

Green tea prevents scalp infections, nourishes and moisturizes hair and scalp, green tea helps prevent and treat dry hair which helps prevent and treat scalp dandruff .

2-chocolate mask for hair with banana :

Ingredients :

The fruit of ripe banana, medium size ( you can increase the volume of banana according to the length and density of hair ) .

1 tablespoon of raw Bee Honey at room temperature ,

From 2 to 4 pieces of dark chocolate .

Method of preparation :

Mash the banana well until you get a soft and creamy paste .

Melt the chocolate in the microwave until it turns into a thick liquid add the melted chocolate to the mashed bananas and then add the honey bees to the mixture.

Mix the ingredients together well using a fork until you get a homogeneous paste .

Method of use :

Apply the warm mixture to the center and ends of dry and tangled hair, and this mask should not be applied to the hair roots to avoid adding more excess oil near the scalp .

Wrap your hair with a hot towel to retain heat inside the hair as the heat helps to absorb the mixture easily and the effect becomes better .

Leave the mask on hair for one hour or more depending on your desire .

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and should not use hot water, then wash your hair with a light shampoo on the hair and scalp .

And then wash a good shampoo and applied natural balm on your hair and leave it from 5 to 10 minutes then wash it off with cold water

3 – chocolate mask for hair, yogurt and honey bee :

Ingredients :

3 boxes of dark chocolate (contains more than 70% cocoa).

Half a glass of yogurt.

5 tablespoons of raw bee honey

Method of preparation :

Melt the chocolate bars in the microwave until they turn into a thick liquid .

Mix yogurt and raw bee honey with melted chocolate .

Method of use :

Apply a warm mask to the hair .

Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for at least one hour .

Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and then shampoo and conditioner in the usual way .

Tips for using a chocolate mask on hair :

Blonde hair women are not recommended to use a chocolate mask, as it may cause blond hair to pigmentation Brown, but you can apply an oil on the hair such as olive oil before applying a chocolate mask .

While using the chocolate mask always use old clothes to prevent contamination of skin and clothing .

You must make sure you are not allergic to cocoa and cocoa products so that you can appear the symptoms of allergic dermatitis such as irritation, redness, skin itching, if you suffer from allergic to cocoa, you should not use masks, cocoa hair .

After applying the chocolate mask to the hair, hair care experts advise not to use any other hair products within two days , as the effect of the nutrients found in cocoa will last for 48 hours .

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