6 beauty products a girl needs before the age of twenty


Girls in adulthood and adolescence tend to use cosmetics and daily care for their appearance, to give them an elegant and refined look،

But when some of them try to choose and apply cosmetics, they may fail to do so, due to the use of certain lotions that do not fit their age،

In addition to applying makeup incorrectly, so we present you with the beauty expert and trainer, Rowan Al Khalaf, for every Miss who is confused in the choice of cosmetics،

The 6 most important makeup products a girl needs before the age of twenty:


* Age appropriate to use make-up for girls

See the back of that girls inherently have a huge tendency to use make-up, especially after adulthood،

Where you start the female often attention to her appearance, this stage is considered suitable for cosmetic use, to be use gradually, with appropriate،

Do not overdo the amount of makeup so as not to damage her skin and appear exaggerated and unsuitable for her age،

Instead of beautifying itself it becomes more ugly, so it is necessary to be careful, gradual and choose the right preparations to reach the desired goal.


• Essential tips before using makeup.

At the beginning, girls should know that caring for the skin is very important, because the skin at that stage is variable and sometimes accompanied by disorders،

It goes from normal baby skin to young adult skin that needs a lot of care, lotion and soap-free exfoliators،

In addition, during this period, acne pills often appear on the skin،

For this you need pore-astringent products and moisturizers that preserve them from external factors.


* 6 cosmetic products that a girl needs before the age of twenty

1 – concealer: before the age of Twenty, you don’t need for foundation،

But if you want to hide skin problems, you should simply apply light points of concealer, and be careful when choosing

It has a liquid texture to make it easy to blend with the skin, and will be light on your skin.


2-eyebrow highlighter: to define and draw eyebrows in a simple way you need Eyebrow Powder to give the eyebrow a natural shape and fill in the blanks،

And do not forget before you finish combing the eyebrow with mascara brows to be a color lighter than the color of your dark hair two degrees،

If your hair color is light, your choice is three shades darker than your hair color, to give the eyebrow a natural color and shape.


3-eyeliner: to highlight the shape of your eyes use an eyeliner pen,and you have the choice of colors at this age, as all colors will be yours،

Some may think that it is one of the most difficult stages to draw an eyeliner, but the truth is that the easiest stage to put on makeup is the stage to put on an eyeliner”،

It will be very easy in the coming days, and do not overdo it, a simple line over the eyelash will be very perfect.


4 – mascara: your choice make a determined by the type of your lashes, if your lashes are dense then you need for mascara brush with a tapered, small،

And if your eyelashes are light, you need mascara with a brush with full bristles.


5-blush: one of the most important products that are difficult to choose and apply to the skin “blusher””،

And before choosing it, you need to accompany those who are older than you and experienced to inform you of the appropriate colors،

Choose the product to be free of “glitter” and to have a powdery texture to make it easier to blend with the skin.



6. lipstick: when you buy lipstick you need a lip selector of the same color to be consistent for longer،

And to give the lips vivacity and fullness you need a transparent lip gloss or in calm tones of lipstick،

Prefer to stay away from dark or glaring lipsticks،

The quieter the colors are, the more natural your lips will look more beautiful and suitable for you.

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