It destroys under-eye bruises within hours! A way to make a habit of women

Under-eye bruises are an aesthetic problem that is especially common in adults. These dark circles under your eyes can make you look more tired and old. Don’t be sad! Thanks to methods such as cucumber, milk, black tea, you can get rid of under-eye bruises! Here are some effective natural methods:


Cucumber is considered to be the most effective food for passing under-eye bruises.


Under-eye bruises may be genetically related to insomnia, allergies, low drinking habits, stress, smoking and alcohol use can also cause bruising and dark circles under the eyes. Laser treatment, chemical peels, Injectable fillers such as Hyaluronic acid gel, which are applied in beauty centers accompanied by a specialist doctor, can be effective in removing under eye bruises. However, you can get rid of under-eye bruises by applying natural recipes as well as all these treatments.


According to the evening report, the natural methods you can try to remove under-eye bruises are:



Under-eye bruises insomnia, nutrition, fatigue can occur due to. I can not get rid of under-eye bruises, if you say I do not have money to spend on beauty centers, you can apply herbal recipes. We have brought together nutrients that are effective in destroying under-eye bruises for you. At home, you can apply any of these you want, or try them on different days. Here are 3 nutrients that destroy under-eye bruises…


CUCUMBER: Cucumber is a famous vegetable that is good for under-eye bruises. Slice the salads in the ring, soak the sliced cucumber in lemon juice, then place it in your eyes. Make sure that lemon water does not get into your eyes.


MILK: Another method you can use to combat under-eye bruises is milk. Soak two folk-shaped makeup cotton in cold milk, place these cotton balls under the eyes.


TEA BAG: It is also a useful method that you can apply to pass under-eye bruises tea baggy. Soak two shake black or green tea bags in 1 cup of hot water for five minutes. Then put the tea bags in the ice and let them cool. Leave the cold tea bags under your eyes for 15-20 minutes. When the time is over, wash your eyes with cold water.



You can use the above natural methods to get rid of under-eye bruises, as well as resort to medical remedies. Effective ways to pass under-eye bruises include:


Topical creams and bleaching agents: Topical creams such as vitamin C and bleaching agents such as hydroquinone can help ease the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.


Chemical peeling: In chemical peels, alpha-hydroxy acids are used to reduce the pigmentation under your eyes.


Laser treatment: Laser procedures can help your skin regenerate and tighten.


Tissue fillers: Injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid gel, can increase the volume in the under-eye area and make your skin smooth.


Eye cover surgery: In the process called blepharoplasty, excess fat and skin around your eyes are removed. This can be effective in removing under-eye bruises


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections: These injections can repair the skin around the eyes, increase the growth rate of blood vessels, increase collagen and strengthen your skin.





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