Its mixture is guaranteed to soften the body and give it a distinctive freshness

My dear, all girls seek to have smooth skin like silk, and they use chemicals that have side effects before trying natural mixtures that give them wonderful results and with ingredients available to everyone. Here is a mixture that has been tested by many women to soften the body:


A box of Vaseline + a box of red glysolid + a box of almond oil + glycerin oil + a box of cocoa butter for the body +

A whole lemon with seeds for preservation + a spoonful of starch




Mix and put in a glass jar according to your use of the mixture and the quantity you need

Put it at night and wash it in the morning with papaya soap “preferably a 3 in 1 soap.”

After completing the body wash, and the body is wet with water, anoint it with Jenson Baby Oil.

And you enjoy softness like silk.

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