Tips to lighten and purify the skin


The human body is affected by every big and small thing that occurs around it, especially the skin that occupies the largest area of ​​the body and covers and protects it from the surrounding,

Therefore, it is most prone to troubles and is affected by changes, especially weather changes.

And before the start of the fall semester

Here are important tips to enjoy fresh and supple skin throughout the fall.

1- This week, you have to visit a dermatologist and do a light peeling of the skin with the medicinal solutions that he prescribes for you.

Your skin has suffered a lot from the scorching summer sun, and now you have to get rid of its troubles.

2- After 14 days, the effects of peeling will disappear completely and your skin will acquire a beautiful redness during this period,

You should never be exposed to the sun until wearing strong sunscreen. Otherwise, you expose yourself to the problem of costs.

3- Moisturizing during these dry winter days is very important. Use a moisturizer with an oily base if your skin is dry.

And an oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin. For normal skin, choose a light cream for it.

4- Bring vitamin E ampoules and do not stop using them if you want clear, thin and wrinkle-free skin.

Use it first day after day until your complexion improves and you notice a difference in it, then use it twice a week.

5- Use cold and hot compresses under the eyes every day for a week, you will notice a difference in the color and texture of the skin,

Apply a cream suitable for this area and never stop using it.

6- Deep clean your skin every 20 days, once by a beauty expert.

7- Use vitamin C, drink one pill a day, as it lightens the skin, and in addition use ampoules intended to purify the skin of vitamin C.

8- Always keep lip balm, as they tend to dry out in this season.

9- Take care of moisturizing your hands as well, put a moisturizing cream in the bag and rub your hands every four hours.

10- Do not neglect your feet because you are in the cold season and you will not wear exposed shoes, as they are prone to cracking with heating at home, and cold outside.

Make sure to complete the care of them and get rid of the dead skin first.