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How to get white teeth? - Care Beauty

How to get white teeth?


Could my teeth be bright and whiter back ??

A question that haunts many women, and the answer is:

Yes, it is very easy to get naturally white teeth in a few days using ingredients available in your home. Instead of spending thousands to whiten your teeth and buy dental beauty products, you can restore their whiteness with simple and natural methods. Here are the best tips for getting bright white teeth.

Food must be chewed well:

There are some foods that contribute to the elimination of deposits that form on the teeth. It is considered as a natural cleaner for deposits and stains that form on the teeth, such as: celery, carrots, apples, and broccoli, and it also leaves a barrier to protect the surface of the teeth.

Parsley leaves are also considered a dental antiseptic.

It also gives it a white sparkle look.

I advise you to chew parsley for a few minutes, and it will benefit your teeth, as it helps prevent bad breath, and lettuce is also one of the best foods because it helps to form a protective barrier around the teeth.

As for lemon juice, it works to remove lime

From the teeth, just add two tablespoons of lemon with warm water and rinse your mouth with it. This acts as a good dental antiseptic.

Salt is a natural disinfectant for teeth, as it can remove stains effectively. You can use it as a mouthwash and mouthwash. To get good results, use salt twice a week.

Some foods like:

Black tea, coffee, and the red fruits of cherries and grapes can change the color of the teeth and leave stains on them, as well as the sauce may leave acids that may help with tooth decay. However, you do not need to abandon these foods. Just reduce them and try to drink water, and brush your teeth right after eating these foods. I advise coffee addicts to add a little milk to avoid the formation of brown deposits on the teeth, and to benefit from the calcium in milk.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking due to yellowing of the teeth and bad breath increases the risk of oral and gum cancer, and nicotine causes many brown spots, which are difficult to remove because they penetrate the enamel. There are some instances in which teeth whitening should be the only solution.

Stop biting nails: this bad habit can damage your teeth. Because they make the midsection melt on the outside, and make the enamel more fragile. This makes the teeth uneven and unattractive.

Avoid soft drinks:

Soft drinks may make your teeth look older.

Because these drinks are so acidic that they can cause the upper layers of the teeth to dissolve. Plus it contains

High amounts of phosphorous, which can absorb calcium

From your bones. It also weakens the jaw bones and increases the chance

Tooth loss.

The researchers confirm that the theft of calcium soft drinks is not from the hips or the spine, but rather from the jawbones

Which leads to tooth loss. So we see many young people losing some of their teeth due to not getting enough

Of calcium, as well as due to some negative habits such as:

Addiction to soft drinks.

Reducing sweets:

Sweets can leave dyes, sugars and acids on your teeth. You must make sure to drink a glass of water afterwards, with brushing your teeth three times a day, three minutes after each meal.

Eating gum: To freshen the mouth and remove deposits caused by smoking, but stay away from gum that contains artificial flavors.