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A system every 3 hours removes fat completely

Most women are tired of gaining weight, and often they can overcome it. Today, in the Arab Woman Magazine, we found a solution for you, a quick and effective solution. Follow this system with us to enjoy a graceful and beautiful body in a short time.


the system :


Before breakfast 2 cups of water


Breakfast a cup of tea with milk or Nescafe + breakfast as you like


Snacks after 3 hours of one of these choices:


Nescafe with a spoonful of white honey





Tea without sugar + 2 any kind, a palm-sized piece of sweets, a small popcorn plate, or a palm-sized pulp plate


Or a piece of nesto or 2 yogurt


Food after 3 hours:


Half a baladi loaf or a pasta dish or a small rice dish + a piece of chicken without fat, but fried or grilled, or two pieces of meat in any way, or fish as you like + a large salad dish + a ram of cooked vegetables, except for potatoes or taro


Light foods after 3 hours are one of these options


Nescafe with a spoonful of white honey


Tea without sugar + 2 any kind of Eid sweets, or a handful of sweets, or a small plate of popcorn


Or a plate of pulp the size of the palm of the hand, a piece of nesto, or 2 yogurts


Dinner after 3 hours:


2 yogurt + half a loaf + tea or Nescafe or a fino loaf with anything you like or half a local loaf with two eggs and any kind of cheese


Soft foods after 3 hours


Preferably yogurt

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