Is it possible to take nutritional supplements in case of chronic fatigue

What are the causes of chronic fatigue and can nutritional supplements be taken to treat various diseases?


Dr. Yekaterina Baronova points out, “Chronic fatigue means that something is not normal in the body. We all need tryptophan and serotonin to feel happy. So the body must get them. But if a person is idle and does not move and drinks non-potable water and does not breathe Naturally, medicines and medical preparations will not help him.


For his part, Dr. Alexander Myasnikov adds, before purchasing and taking nutritional supplements, you must consult a doctor and conduct a blood test.


“There are three diseases that manifest as chronic fatigue – depression accounts for 90 percent of cases. So do lupus erythematosus and Lyme disease,” he says.


And Myasnikov points out that food supplements are not medicine, and are used only to prevent diseases or as adjuncts to drugs used in treatment.


And he adds, nutritional supplements contain substances that are not mentioned in the components of their composition. Any may have an unexpected effect.

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