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Benefits of green watermelon juice

Benefits of green watermelon juice.





Fight obesity:


American scientists have discovered the presence of an amino acid in watermelon juice, walnuts and other foods that plays a role in fighting obesity.


The study showed that the percentage of fat decreased by 60% in the body of rats, where they ate foods rich or low in fat, but the amino acid agenin was added to their diet over a period of 12 weeks.


The study indicated that watermelon not only quenches thirst, moisturizes the skin, and refreshes the body, but may also be useful as a strong laxative for the intestines, as it is a substance that helps digestion, strengthens the blood, and breaks up kidney stones.


The researchers found that the natural compounds found in it help reduce the severity of skin diseases, and its seeds help reduce high blood pressure, and its roots can be used to stop bleeding.

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