Constant burning of the eye and the descent of tears, what causes it?

The constant burning of the eye and the descent of tears are the causes of the questions that we will answer, because the burning of the eye is one of the common problems that many people are exposed to, which ranges from severe to weak burning depending on the cause, and the burning eye is accompanied by irritation, redness and involuntary descent of many tears This burning may be temporary and ends within minutes, or it may last for a period of time. In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor, so we will learn more details about the burning of the eye and know its causes and how to control it.


Causes of constantly burning eyes


There are many causes of persistent burning in the eye, including the following:


Dry Eye


If the eye is dehydrated, it does not produce the amount of tears that moisturize the eye, and thus this dehydration causes a burning feeling, and tears appear suddenly in abundance, trying to eliminate this dryness.


This dehydration may occur as a result of taking some medicines, especially medicines that treat colds, because they cause dehydration in the body in general, or putting nose drops that affect the drying of fluids from the eyes.


Or this dryness can occur due to wearing contact lenses for a long period of time, or exposure of the eye to some irritants.


And if the dry eye continues for a long period of time, the eye develops what is called dry eye syndrome, where tear production is impaired and the burning feeling remains continuously.


Exposure to eye allergens


One of the causes of constant burning in the eye is exposure to toxic substances or substances that cause allergies and irritation to the eye, such as:


Toxic chemicals such as benzene and paint, which emit toxic fumes that cause a burning sensation in the eye. To develop ulcers and infection and medical intervention is required. Exposure of the eye to pollen, dust or fibers save some animals, because some are allergic to these things. Entry of some cosmetics into the eye. Allergic conjunctivitis as the body produces antibodies as a result of allergy that leads To a constant burning in the eye.


Causes of burning eyes and headache


Among the causes of constant burning in the eye with a headache are the following:




In the case of inflammation in the eyelids, the sebaceous glands in the eyes become blocked and cause irritation and redness, and this inflammation may affect both eyes.


It is said that the inflammation of the eyelids is a temporary condition and is accompanied by some symptoms such as a feeling of burning, stinging in the eye, itching, tearing of the eye and the descent of a large amount of tears from it, as well as swelling of the eyelids, peeling of the skin in the area around the eye.


In addition to frequent blinking, blurred vision, sticking eyelids, sensitivity to light, and headache.


eye strain


When the eyes are subjected to excessive strain as a result of focusing on the blue light emitted from computer or laptop screens for a long period of time, the eyes become tired.


The eye also becomes tired in the case of driving for a long period of time due to excessive focus and opening the eye, especially when dry air enters the eye, which causes dryness and double vision, in addition to sensitivity to light, which is accompanied by a feeling of headache.




Conjunctivitis may be the cause of infection of the eye or exposure to severe infections, as the conjunctiva is the thin area of ​​the transparent membrane located in the white of the eye.


This transparent membrane is naturally pure and clear, but in the case of irritation, it causes irritation of the eye and causes swelling of the blood vessels, which is accompanied by burning in the eye.


Among the causes that lead to conjunctivitis, tear duct obstruction, especially blockage that affects newborns, severe allergies, exposure to viral infection, as well as bacterial infection.


Sudden burning of the eye


Other causes of persistent burning in the eye include:




In the case of exposure to direct sunlight for a long period of time, the cornea becomes inflamed in the so-called photokeratitis, which causes a sudden burning of the eye.


Sunburn in the eye is indicated by the appearance of some other symptoms such as: excessive tearing of the eye, sensitivity to intense light, as well as pain in the eyes.


Sunburn is also accompanied by the feeling of not opening the eyes as a result of feeling the presence of sand in them, or the appearance of many halos around the eyes that affect the quality of vision.


eye nail


This condition leads to a constant burning of the eye and often affects people who spend a long time in dry air, as thick tissue grows inside the eye that is pink, but it is non-cancerous tissue.


The growth of this tissue affects the eye and appears mostly extending between the side part of the nose and the pupil of the eye, and is accompanied by some unpleasant symptoms such as burning and tingling in it, one eye may sting one eye or both eyes and in the case of both eyes it is called bilateral pterygium.


There is another similar problem called ocular lipids, but the difference is that the pterygium affects the conjunctiva of the eye only, or the lipids, it reaches the cornea, and both cases affect the eye when exposed to sunlight and dry air for a period of time.



Cases of burning eyes that require a visit to a specialist


There are some cases that require the intervention of a specialist doctor if the following symptoms appear:


If this burning sensation is accompanied by severe pain in the eye. Excessive sensitivity to light. The appearance of some secretions and pus from the eye. In the case of the appearance of flashes in the eye. Or in the case of exposure to blurred vision. Also in the case of double vision. Natural in the eye. Treatment of burning eyes at home


In the case of burning eyes, it can be controlled through some home remedies, including:


Cold water compresses: They relieve pain, fight inflammation, and treat redness caused by allergies. These compresses are made by placing a piece of ice inside a clean cloth and passing it on the eye. Warm compresses: that treat the burning eye caused by eyelid infections, which cleans the oil glands in the eye Eye massage: Burning eyes may need to massage the eyes to stimulate blood circulation in them and give a feeling of comfort, and it is recommended to massage with one of the natural oils. Cucumber slices: It is one of the effective home methods to get rid of eye swelling and calm redness and itching, because it contains Antioxidants contribute to the acceleration of the healing of the eyes.


Now, after identifying the constant burning of the eye and the descent of tears, what causes it, there are many reasons that may lead to a burning eye, so if the burning of the eye continues, which is accompanied by some other symptoms, a specialist doctor should be consulted to determine the necessary treatment

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