how to protect yourself from osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a gradual and increasing decrease in bone tissue over a long period of time. The bones become less dense and more fragile, which leads to breaking them when exposed to the slightest trauma. The bones of the spine, pelvis and extremities are most affected by this. The worst thing is the feeling of chronic pain in the bones, especially In the back, there may be a bend in the back.

how to protect yourself from osteoporosis

Factors that increase the chance of infection:

  •  Most of us know that osteoporosis may affect women after menopause, but most women do not realize that one of the causes of this disease may begin in middle age if a woman’s diet does not contain enough calcium, so the proportion of this important element in the body decreases and bones begin to form. By losing part of its density every year and gradually increasing with age.
  • Smoking and alcohol play a key role in causing osteoporosis
  • Underweight (thin build)
  •  Reducing exposure to the sun because the sun helps your body produce vitamin D which is  needed to fix calcium in the bones
  • Lack of exercise and movement
  •  Gastrointestinal diseases and malabsorption
  •  Some medications, such as corticosteroids

Why are women more susceptible to infection?
1- The nature of their thin bones
2- Frequent pregnancy
3- Hormonal changes represented in the interruption of estrogen production, which maintains bone density.
What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?
In the early stages of the disease, there are no symptoms, so it is called the silent disease.
In the later stages , there may be some of the following:

  • Constant pain in the back and joints
  • mother in the extremities
  • Curvature of the spine
  • lack of height
  • Fractures when exposed to minimal trauma.

When feeling such symptoms, a doctor can be used to diagnose the disease by means of a bone densitometry device.

Prevention then prevention is the only way to avoid osteoporosis:

Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D protects you from the risk of osteoporosis at all stages of your life, and these foods include:
all milk, yogurt  , cheese, cream, fish and spinach. The following are some foods that contain a high percentage of calcium:

Nutrient Amount Calories Calcium/mg
Whole milk 1 cup (240) ml 150 290
low-fat milk 1 cup (240) ml 120 297
skimmed milk 1 cup (240) ml 90 200
full-fat yogurt 1 cup (240) ml 150 255
Low Fat Yogurt Cup (240) ml 100 415 Cottage
Cheese Cup (240) ml 229 211
Low Fat Cheese 20 Gram 120 297
Salmon with Tomato 100 Gram 150 882
Sardines + Tomato 100 Gram 220 620
Spinach 50 Cup 244
Vitamin D ), which is the main regulator of calcium fixation on the bones and is found in:

  • Sardines.
  •  fortified milk
  •  yolk.
  • liver;
  • Seafood
  •  Sun rays

Also, exercising (especially sports that focus weight on the bones) regularly helps you maintain your strength and strengthen your bones to stay healthy, because you may lose bone density gradually if you do not support your diet with sports, especially walking and jogging. It is also important to be exposed to the sun to give your bones the ability to store vitamin D, which in turn helps absorb the calcium in your food and provides you with stronger bones and a stronger structure.

Nutritionists around the world recommend eating 1,000 mg of calcium per day, as prevention is always better than cure.

Natural herbs for the prevention of osteoporosis:


Sesame and black seed treatment for osteoporosis: A
teaspoon of ground sesame, a teaspoon of ground black bean and a tablespoon of honey to a glass of milk and drunk three times a day for two months without stopping and repeated if necessary.
Gooseberry to treat osteoporosis:
Take a tablespoon of dry ground gooseberry or ten fresh grains three times a day until complete recovery.

Soybeans treat osteoporosis:
Known to all, soybeans, which are used in many food products as well as soy milk, contain estrogenic isoflavones, compounds that help protect bones. But care must be taken to use soybeans and alfalfa in breast cancer patients.

Horsetail herb treats osteoporosis:
Horsetail is used in folk medicine for a long time to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair and can also help in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


Parsley  and osteoporosis:
Parsley has a high concentration of boron and fluoride, which helps against osteoporosis and osteoporosis.
Nettle treats osteoporosis:
The boron in nettle helps protect the bones. Nettle is a good source of green calcium along with protein and can be eaten boiled in the form of tea. One cup of nettle tincture contains a large amount of calcium that works to prevent and treat osteoporosis.
Black pepper  contains anti-osteoporosis compounds:
It has been found that the fruits of black pepper contain four anti-osteoporosis compounds on it. If you are a fan of pepper, you should use it daily with soup, avocado, and so on.
Wild Potato Maintains Bones:
The roots of this plant contain saponin sterols, the most important of which are Dioscin and Vito Citrulls, the most important of which is Beta-sitosterol, alkaloids, and Afsih substances.
Evening Primrose Oil:
Evening primrose oil is a rich and effective herbal remedy for treating osteoporosis. The beans of the plant contain gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. These acids are one of the main components that the human body needs to naturally produce anti-inflammatory substances. Aside from its role as a natural version of ibuprofen, evening primrose oil is associated with increased bone mineral density and reduced bone turnover in patients with osteoporosis. Additionally, evening primrose oil may be an important herbal remedy because it is able to relieve physical pain and can combat osteoporosis on a cellular level.
Camellia sinensis (green tea):
Unlike coffee, tea contains powerful compounds that can rebuild bones again. These compounds can also act to fortify the bones. Although not all teas are created equal, green tea is known for its special benefits for controlling osteoporosis. Research indicates that continuous consumption of green tea over a period of years can increase bone mineral density and prevent bone loss. Furthermore, both men and women can benefit from the benefits of green tea in dealing with osteoporosis.
Eggshell treats osteoporosis:
Ground eggshell is mixed in a glass of whole milk and drunk to treat osteoporosis.
Garlic  helps you get rid of osteoporosis



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