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 $$ How to make money $$

The secret to collecting money is not necessarily from working in a job with a large salary, but it lies in the ability to find solutions to people’s requirements and problems, and this does not require that you have supernatural abilities, but rather depends on the extent of the flow of ideas and the way you use them, and here we will give you some tips And projects through which you can earn large and fast 

 Money Makers:                                      

1- Converting the old product into a new one:

Buy old and used books and write the number of each book, then by searching on the Internet, you can offer these books for sale through the Internet, and you can do that on a site such as Amazon.

2- Be sure to follow up on deals: If you have good knowledge in a field and you have a keen eye for a good product, you should follow up on deals that offer used products at simple prices, and of course you will get unexpected deals.

3- Also follow the police auctions: Here, of course, you will get amazing deals, and you, for example, cannot resell a car used in the execution of a crime, but you can very well get some jewelry at a cheap price and here you will find many who want to buy it from you.

4- Restoration of the worn-out foundation: If you have varnish, sanding and some craft skills, you can buy the worn-out foundation and restore it and benefit from the return when you resell it at a price much higher than the purchase price for it.

5- Assembling wood: Pallets and others are always made of cheap or free wood. Collect this wood and you will find it in several places such as construction sites, universities, storage warehouses, etc., then put it in the oven and dry it until it becomes a beautiful shape, and here you can resell it in this way or turn it into pieces of furniture before selling it.

6- Houses and apartments: If you have a sense of design and know well the evaluation and appreciation of buildings, you can work here in the field of real estate by buying houses or apartments and then beautifying and designing them, and then you can sell them at much higher prices, although this requires time and effort, but the return will be amazing.



Participate in studie:

1- You can participate in education groups in your area in your field of specialization. An hour of your time spent in these groups may get you 50 dollars through them, for example. You can also search for educational groups on the Internet, although it will take you some time to find through the Internet Valuable work.

2- Participate in medical studies: Although this matter is very scary, but it must be known that the extent of the seriousness of these studies is relative and is not necessarily dangerous, pathogenic or fatal, and most of these studies ask those who suffer primarily from health problems to test some drugs that can It can have harmful side effects. If this concerns you, you can instead participate in the scientific studies themselves by being the control of the experiments conducted by researchers and medical scientists.

 artistic work:

1- Taking pictures: If you have an aesthetic sense and a taste for colors and consistency, you can buy a camera and use it to take beautiful pictures of landscapes, strange situations, and pictures that are suitable for newspaper articles, the Internet, etc., and then sell these pictures.

2- Designing images: If you have the ability to use image design and editing programs, you can design images and then sell them to social media pages on the Internet. You can also make packages for computer icons. You can also learn how to design websites so that you can work in website design and development and get In the end, you will get a great return with a small effort.

3- Make some handicrafts and sell them: You can make some handicrafts in an elaborate industry and then display and market them through some websites and who knows, this may be the beginning of the start towards a big business project.


Participate in the marketing of products:

1- Work as a secret marketer: where you can do some business with some institutions and companies without their knowledge, but this requires extreme caution and caution by being familiar with the name of each company and the name of each service owner, as you will buy the products and then sell them to the consumer in installments with an increase in the price And you have to know very well that you will wait some time until you get the full price from whom you provided the service or product to.

2- Writing on the product: As writing on products increases people’s passion for them, you can write some names, alphabets and others on the product, which increases and speeds up its sale and spread.

3- Do surveys: Although they are boring, surveys are often quick and you can do research for students and others and then earn money.

Use your property:

1- Create a website or blog: The competition in the internet world is very intense, but the success of any website or blog is due to the effort and enthusiasm of its owner. money through it.

2- Start a small project: Enthusiasm and determination to succeed always translate into a strong and valuable product, and this is what matters to every individual who seeks to obtain a distinct product and then market it via the Internet, so the buying and selling process takes place between people who do not know each other, but they meet only through a network The Internet, but you have to ensure their trust in order to ensure a greater and faster spread of your small business’s products.


do something weird

1- Take the pets of your neighbors and take them to the garden, which is a good opportunity to have fun and meet and meet new people, so you will have had a good time that helps you to renew your activity.

2- Landscaping: If you are skilled in cutting trees and wood and cutting trees, you can do this to their owners for a fee, and you can also take the resulting wood and use it to heat your home in the winter.

3- Help the elderly: You can contact the local community center and social solidarity associations, reach the elderly who need help, and help them open groceries for them or clean their homes, so you will help the needy and build new friendly relationships at the same time.

4- Look for strange works also on the Internet.


Use money making apps:

1- Gigwalk application: It is an application on the iPhone that allows you to search for cart companies and get small jobs, preferably with a measure of caution and caution, and all you have to do is download and install the application and create a personal page and then start looking for cars in your area.

2- WeReward: It is an application for iPhone and Android that allows you to accomplish some small tasks, such as taking a picture of yourself with your favorite drink or eating in a new restaurant, so you collect points that later convert to your balance and money, although this The rewards are small, but millions of companies participate in this application, which makes your collection of points quick and easy, so surely this program will be very useful for you if you are active and a lot of moving from one place to another.

3- CheckPoints (CheckPoints): It is a program on the iPhone and Android, and it allows you to access the stores of products and get points, but in exchange for the points here is either gifts from the company’s products or certificates of appreciation – not cash.

Selling unfamiliar items

1- If you have a forest of trees: you can prune and dry the branches and sell them online, yes this is a fact many people need it for their handicrafts, as people who live in cities find it difficult to access.

2- If you have a willow tree: You can also dry the branches and sell them through the Internet to craftsmen or flower shop owners because they need them a lot in preparing flower bouquets.

3- If you have a pine tree: You can sell pine cones, especially the long ones, because they give a wonderful aesthetic shape.

4- If you live on the beach: you can sell driftwood, which is also used in handicrafts and in aquariums.

5- If you have a pond: you can pick up and dry herbs from it and sell them to flower shops.

6- If you have a mistletoe tree: You can also sell its parts to flower and ornamental stores.

7- If you sell natural, organic products, you should advertise that as well, as it increases the price.

8- If you do not have any of these things, you can go to the one who owns them and cut them and dry them for a fee. Many people want to find someone who can do this work for them, and here you will have collected the money first by chopping these trees and the second by selling them.

Earn money without effort

1- Be a mobile advertisement by, for example, wrapping your car in an advertisement for one of the companies and taking a fee from this company. You can also get a financial return if you wear a T-shirt with the company’s logo printed on it, especially if you go to large and well-known public places.

2- Rent a part of your home that you do not need: If you have a room that you do not use or a car garage, then rent it and enjoy an additional monthly income.

3- Add corporate product ads on your website or blog and get paid for:

– Every visitor click on an advertisement.

– Each registration of the company’s website through the advertisement on your site

Or by setting a profit or commission rate for each sale made through the advertisement on your site.


Quick profit:

1- Selling CDs or DVDs: Make a backup copy on your computer or on an external disk and then sell the original disk. By selling CDs with rare and special contents, you can make a lot of money in a short time.

2- Sell your hair and donate your blood: Long, healthy, natural hair can be sold to beauty centers, as it is used to make wigs, and you can donate blood, but you must be in good health.


Be wise in managing your business and projects:

1- Use the law of supply and demand to your advantage: We are all familiar with the law of supply and demand, which states that whenever there are large quantities of a commodity, the less expensive it is, and the more rare the commodity is, the higher its price. By selling your product when there are many people who trade in the same product, you have to think and innovate how to make your product sophisticated and distinctive so that it deserves a higher price than the rest of similar products, and so you get the right price for your commodity or distinctive product, and so on.

2- If you are not a good plan for the future of your profession, then you should change it immediately and look for another job in companies that pay a suitable salary and develop a future plan for work as well, because it will be a very good opportunity for profit as well as for learning and gaining experience.

3- If your goal is to collect a lot of money in order to retire from work early: you will have to work a hard job because it will definitely pay you a higher salary, you set your priorities from work that you do not want experience and education as much as you want to collect money early You get off work early, too.

4- Time is gold: Your ability to manage your time properly is a crucial element in your ability to make money, so you should focus on the business that has the most profit in the least time and leave the business that consumes a large part of the time and yet has little return.

5- Raise your price for your products at the right time: If you save a product, at the time you find it very little in the markets, you have to offer it, but at a higher price than before, but slow down, you want to get money in a large and fast way, but definitely you must be very careful that this be Money is halal money, so if you feel guilty about the poor who desperately need your commodity and yet raise its price at a time when it is scarce, you have to choose one of the two options: either sell it at the same price, or do not exaggerate the increase in its price, or try to develop it and make it a special product and here you sell it at the price it deserves.

6- Make sure to develop plans for your projects: Make sure to start your project on a sound basis and also make sure to draw up short- and long-term plans for your own project and be appreciative of every step you take on the way to your project and do not forget to develop alternative plans that will help you overcome any unexpected crisis or error An appropriate amount to insure your project against any accident or loss.

7- The true meaning of financial wealth: You should know that the wealthy people in the world were not doctors or lawyers or occupying any positions, but rather they are very ordinary human beings, but they are owners of thought, determination and enthusiasm, and financial wealth is in your net profit as there are many who talk About their wealth and in fact they owe a large amount of debt, so you should know very well that wealth and real profit is net profit and not the profit that falls under the trap of debt.

8- Every penny you save is a gain for you: some people tend not to save so as not to inflict heavy taxes on them, but you can save money and benefit from the compound interest system that will double your money later.

9- Take advantage of the tax law: you have to prepare good tax records so that you can get tax exemptions, such as deducting your health insurance premiums from your tax return. .

10- If you are not an employer and you are an employee of a company, some companies make an insurance fund for their employees, which they get upon retirement.

11- You have to know the difference between assets and liabilities: Assets are the economic resources for any project in terms of money, equipment, and others, while liabilities are economic commitments to the project such as debts and other obligations.

12- Watch out for the amplification of your project assets: the amplification of assets may increase the purchasing power, but it will reduce the profit in the long run, and the savings account may help you keep up with inflation and in order to remain at the same level of profit, you must invest your money in stocks and bonds.

Ways to make money for kids:

1- If your parents ask you to do some housework, ask them to do more and they give you money for it.

2- If you agree to do something, be sure that you have the ability to implement it. If your mother asks you to do something and you see the ability in yourself, ask her gently that it be an increase in your expenses.

3- Prepare lemonade or any other juice and sell it to passers-by in front of your house on hot summer days. Here are some tips to make this idea work:

4- Choose a drink suitable for the weather, choose a cold juice in the hot weather, and of course you will sell many quantities of it.

5- Do not raise the price, but make it accessible to everyone, and also choose an inexpensive juice, for example, lemon juice is never expensive, so you can make money.

6- Choose the right place: You can do this small project on the sidewalk in front of your house, for example, or any public park

7- Advertise the drink and its price: Take a piece of cardboard and write on it the drink you offer and write its price as well and put it in a clear place for everyone to see.

8- Allocate a safe place where you put the money you get throughout the day.

9- Do some things for the people of your area, washing cars, cultivating gardens, and other things that people need and are willing to pay for.

10- Do these actions only for people you and your father and mother know and do not deal with strangers you do not know.

11- You must be honest to gain the trust of others. People are keen on the morals and qualities of those who work for them because they mix with their children and they are willing to pay more for those they trust because it provides them with peace of mind. Therefore, you have to be honest and trustworthy as well as perfect for every work you do.

12- Be negotiating: If you are washing the car for a neighbor and he pays you a larger amount than another neighbor you do the same work for him, you must take into account if the second, for example, is an elderly person who lives on a fixed income, so do not burden them.


1- Saving money: You have to save money and not be wasteful or extravagant because by doing so you will not be able to accumulate money and wealth will not be

2- Try as much as possible to eliminate any debts on you. The more you pay off debts and loans, the greater your ability to collect and maintain money.

3- Analyze any decision with its weaknesses and strengths before applying it, and always put in your future plans the safest options and expected to achieve the highest profit from them.


1- We must not forget that one of the most important endeavors to achieve profit is doubling the number of working hours, but will the increase in money make your family independent of your presence with them?! Money brings us many things and many wishes, but it never compensates for family warmth, so do not make all your time to work and forget your family.

2- Be very wary of get-rich-quick schemes, for if they succeed, it is a wonderful work, but in the event of flickering, it is a very difficult matter that may lead to your entire career future

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