How do you get rid of oily skin?

Oily skin is a big problem faced by some, as it causes the appearance of pimples, redness of the face and frequent infections in the face.

1- Wash your face regularly:

You have to wash your face daily with water to clean the face of excess oils, but not more than three times a day. Washing the face more than three times causes dryness of the face.

2- Mix for the face:

You can make a face mask with some lemon and turmeric and put it on the face daily to get rid of oily skin.

3- Use a cleanser:

Remove dirt and dead skin cells from the face by exfoliating regularly   , you can use   baking soda with water and leave it  for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face using a soft cotton cloth to remove dead skin cells.

4- Make a face mask :

 Oily skin You need to always keep masks at home to get rid of the oily excess of your skin, you can use bananas or cucumbers as a natural mask for the skin.



5- Use a moisturizer:

Even though you have oily skin, you must use a moisturizer for the skin, but you must choose a moisturizer that does not contain a lot of fat so as not to increase the oiliness of your skin.

6- Using fat absorbent paper:

You have to use medical papers and tissues to absorb the fat from your face so that it does not accumulate on your face and cause pimples and an inappropriate appearance.




7- Lemon powder:

Lemon is one  of the best natural cleansers for oily skin care , and skin care experts use it a lot in their recipes. Fresh lemon is used as a powerful and  effective cleanser for all skin types .  Lemon powder provides the best natural cleansing and softening of the face by cleaning all the dead cells .

8- Use sunscreen:

The sun damages your skin and causes premature aging . Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn .  Remember when choosing a sunscreen that should be oil-free.

9- Relax :

Excess stress makes your skin more vulnerable, you should try to do some exercise to reduce  stress and maintain relaxation and regulate  blood circulation , reducing stress contributes to keeping your skin young and away from risks.


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