How to take care of your skin to become fresh and wonderful

Every skin has a specific method and guide to maintain its freshness and beauty for as long as possible, and the matter varies here according to skin type

Oily skin
This type of skin has thick skin with large and wide pores, as the sebaceous glands are directly responsible for stimulating the oily skin. What is required will result in a more oily skin, because these fats contain a high percentage of acids, which causes the skin to be always shiny and gives the impression that it is unclean, and it is natural that such skin causes the appearance of small pimples that are known among people with acne or the spread of blackheads. Sometimes it also causes a rash that covers some parts of the face, and the nature of the facial pores here is often more open than normal.

As a result, scars and pits appear due to tampering with pimples or pimples after a period of time.
It is obvious that oily skin affects the hair of the head to acquire such an unnatural oily characteristic, and despite these problems, oily skin is the best in terms of the lack and delay in the appearance of wrinkles in the face, where it is noted that facial wrinkles with oily skin are also slower in appearance compared to other skin types

 15 care tips for oily skin

• When small crusts appear at the eyebrows and head, hot compresses are used every evening on the face. In the morning, eat a teaspoon of beer yeast before breakfast
• Sunscreen is very important for you, provided that it is not oil-based, choose a sunscreen in the form of a gel.
• After using the cleanser and before applying make-up, use an astringent for your skin, but beware of alcohol-based ones.
• Facial massage: a massage (or massage) for oily skin is one of the simple and important ways to care for the skin.. It benefits especially oily skin, as this massage works to rid the pores of fat and dirt deposited in them.. that is, it serves as a deep cleaning of the skin, in addition to activating the cycle. blood, which improves the color of the skin and earns freshness and vitality.
• Steam bath for the face: This is also a means of skin care, especially for oily skin, as this bath softens the sediments in the pores of the skin, and thus helps to get rid of them.. It is an effective treatment for the problem of blackheads that oily skin is exposed to.
• Do an allergy test before using this product, because it is strong on the skin and is suitable only for strong skin, and it cannot be repeated more than once a week so as not to irritate the skin.
• People with oily skin are less prone to wrinkles and fine lines; Thus, they are more people able to maintain their youth for a longer period of time than those with dry skin .. and who show signs of aging faster.
Eating healthy food that includes fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance helps a lot in the freshness of the skin; It is necessary to avoid or reduce the intake of fatty foods such as chocolate, and try to stay away from sugary soft drinks and replace them with a lot of water.
• Trying to stay away from everything that leads to psychological tension, as many studies have shown that psychological stress increases the secretion of sebaceous glands.
• Always remove cosmetics from the face before going to sleep, and avoid oily moisturizers and replace them with oil-free moisturizers.
• Using a skin toner that does not contain alcohol, and that is prepared from natural plants such as aloe vera, rosemary and rose.
• Using natural cosmetics for women with oily sensitive skin. These products do not cause blackheads to appear or increase oily secretions.

• You must pay attention to what you eat and reduce fatty foods such as chocolate, hamburgers, sugary soft drinks and reduce iodine
• Genetics has a role in the formation of oily skin and the consequent congenital and hormonal combinations that play the primary role in all its physical characteristics and skin type is one of these characteristics.
• For the care of oily skin, the cosmetics used must be of the astringent type (that is, that narrows the pores of the skin) and antiseptic, without removing, even temporarily, the excess oily secretions completely.

Avoid the foundation cream that prevents the pores of the skin from breathing, which quickly leads to the appearance of blemishes.
• Avoid exposure to the sun for long hours, which would cause severe damage to the skin in the long run.
• To take care of oily skin, one should not eat contraband that helps increase the secretion of fat in the skin, and therefore it must be reduced, and these foods include:
1 – spicy foods.
2- spices
3- spices

4- Very hot drinks.


Skin care . educate yourself

Normal or balanced skin

This skin is perfect by all standards, but unfortunately this type of skin has become very few. This skin is balanced and equal in terms of its moisture and the amount of fat in it. The skin here is characterized by being reasonable in terms of thickness, neither it is thin nor thick.

to preserve this skin, you must choose the appropriate types of skin care products, clean them in the right way, and use the appropriate masks, because relying on skin without problems will lead to the emergence of problems for it later.

dry skin

80% of women have dry skin, this skin is formed as a natural result when the sebaceous glands do not secrete sufficient amounts of the oily substance to make the skin elastic and supple. Dry skin quickly shows early lines and wrinkles.

to stay away from the use of lotions that contain alcohol, as well as soap of various kinds, as well as strong scrubs, and to use only lotions for dry skin, which are rich and used in the morning and evening. It is possible to use lotions for sensitive skin, which have a rich composition. It is not permissible to wash the face with soap or foam. Because it helps reduce the natural oils in the skin, which leads to its dryness and thus its pallor and giving it an unbeautiful look.
The deeply moisturizing mask should be applied once a week, and some special products must be used when exposed to the sun’s rays, in order to protect it from the serious damage it causes to the skin. And do not forget the simple daily massage of the skin using oils designated for that.


 And the skin must be taken care of on an ongoing basis, the use of natural materials is very beneficial for it


Lemon juice is used for various purposes.. It is used as a pore astringent. Thus, it is especially beneficial for those with oily skin, where they are exposed to the deposition of excess fat and the dirt that sticks to the pores of the skin.
For this purpose, a thin layer of juice is used to paint the face.. Then rinse with lukewarm water after applying Dry completely.. and repeat this paint.
Lemon juice is also used as an anti-freckle or facial spots, as it helps to hide them.. It is also used to remove the yellowness of the teeth, by rubbing them with the juice frequently.


Oatmeal has the best balance of amino acids (which is a water-binding aid in skin care products). It has also been clinically discovered to help heal the itching of dry skin.

Chamomile Chamomile
is a powerful cleanser for all skin types. This plant is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Chamomile is especially useful in cleaning oily skin, as the oils in it dissolve oily secretions and get rid of them.

Green tea

Green tea contains many antioxidants and others that protect the tissues and cells of the skin and protect them from the effects of aging and disease.. It also contains a distinct amount of vitamin C, minerals such as fluoride and amino acids as well.
It also works to give your skin a nice shine.. It also works to soften the skin and protect it from the effects of sun exposure.
is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins, in addition to being easily absorbed by the skin. This makes it one of the best nutrients and cleansers for the skin. Therefore, it is used in the preparation of masks and creams, and is used as a lotion to clean the skin.


Yogurt is used in the preparation of many skin care products, especially masks, for its moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin. It also has an effect that helps remove facial spots and pimples.

Yogurt is used as a good cleanser for oily skin by applying yogurt to the face, then rinsing the face with warm water after 20 minutes.

Castor oil

One of the most prominent aesthetic properties of this oil is its use as a paint to strengthen hair, and as an anti-hair dandruff. It also resists the dryness of hair that is exposed to it due to the heat of the sun or the use of chemical dyes…or by bathing in salty sea water. Castor oil has a nail-strengthening effect, making it less Prone to splitting or cracking if applied on a regular basis. Cucumber has a clear effect as an astringent for large pores of the skin, and therefore it is included in the work of many masks (the mask),
in addition to that it is perfectly suitable for those with sensitive skin in particular.


Cucumber also has a clear effect in skin whitening
, getting rid of dark circles that may appear under the eyes
, and getting rid of spots and impurities that may affect the face. In summer, cucumber juice is used as a lotion to treat sunburn and moisturize the skin

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