Millennial Style Healthy Nutrition “Meal Prep”

Every year “I will eat healthier this year, I will cook at home at least 3 days a week, now you can stop to say outside decisions” even if you get home tired from work 3. are you one of those who put that determination aside and find yourself ordering from the nearest pizzeria?  Be sure, you are not alone. I can never change with this pace of work if you think I have good news for you. This news is called “ Meal Prep”! Outwardly cool, when you read “e this mui ”, the simple food preparation technique turned into a train that was written books on America, long Youtube videos, there is even a separate cooking arm called “Meal Prep Chef”. I move on to the tricks of the business without further ado.


Let’s start by making a list for the week ahead


Everyone has a different strategy for meal prep, the 1 basic material I like the most in my research for you is 5 different menu techniques. The trick here is to create a shopping list and weekly menu where you can create different menus using common material. For example, you can use chicken for the main material. For a country with a watery food culture like us, the resources you will find on the internet also bring a different diet.



Preparing for next week


Preparing for the next week for a Sunday afternoon is an ideal activity.  When you shop and come home, it’s about 3 hours waiting for you to get vegetables and other ingredients ready to use and put them in storage boxes. This preparation process, which includes plenty of washing, chopping, baking, will save you hours on weekdays! After this stage, you can proceed in two ways, if you want you can prepare one meal each day and place it in the closet in the nutrition bag individually, or a quick mix and take about 5 minutes every day & with the Match process, you can give the food its final shape just before you eat it! Chicken caesar salad, chicken & mixed baked vegetables, chicken & couscous bowl, rice curry chicken, chicken bulgur salad and baby spinach…



The art of evaluating materials


Don’t forget to evaluate the materials you receive in more than one way. For example, if you have boiled chickpeas, you can hummus with some of them, while you can throw the rest in the refrigerator to add them to your salads. When you add hummus, pesto-like sauces, a couple of kinds of boiled pulses to your shopping list, especially if you’re dieting, you’ll find that your daily menus will get rich easily.. The challenging part of this method is finding a new idea for each day!



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