Fat-burning supplements cause liver damage

The New York Times reported that a high school student from Texas,

He suffered severe liver damage, after using a concentrated extract of green tea, which he was using for the purpose

Burning Fat, noting that his injury has led to him being put on the waiting list for a new liver transplant.


The newspaper says that recent data indicate that this student’s case is not unique, as it was found that nutritional supplement Fat burning is among about 20% of drug-related liver injuries, representing a 7% increase over

That was ten years ago, according to an analysis by a national network of liver specialists.


She points out that the research included only cases of severe liver damage who were directed to a representative group of hospitals

Throughout the country. While many patients recovered once they stopped taking nutritional supplements and received treatment

Appropriately, a few people needed liver transplants or died as a result of liver failure.


Researchers say that teenagers are not the only consumers at risk, as many middle-aged women,

Those who resort to nutritional supplements to burn fat and lose weight are also threatened by this. Dr. Herbert warned

Bonkowski, director of the Liver, Digestive and Metabolic Disorders Laboratory at Carolinas, is one of those special supplements.

Burning fat, saying, “It’s wild.”

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