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Nutritional medicine and the effects of fast food

Fast food:


The majority of people today have less time to choose, prepare, and even eat food than in the days of our grandparents and parents.



But fast food has advantages and many people desire it for many reasons, including speed, ease of obtaining it… It is also an alternative to cooking at home to compensate for the life of constant busyness and the prevailing lifestyle among all families. However, there are also negatives to fast food, as it is high in calories, fats and fats. Saturates, sugars and salts.



Although some restaurants and stores have begun to introduce some modifications to their foods, such as using vegetable oils for frying, using salad dressings that are lower in calories, fat-free meats, grilled options, and low-fat milkshakes… it is necessary for a person to carefully examine the test. His fast meals in order to maintain healthy choices of balanced nutritional food, which is not an easy matter (maintaining nutritional balance) because there is not enough knowledge and know-how about how to cook them. For example: There are some foods that are cooked in large quantities of oils and butter, and this is not the right choice for those who want to eat them. Reducing the amount of fat or eating healthy proportions of fat for any person in general. In addition, fast food encourages excessive consumption of it because of its delicious taste. Fast food also lacks the availability of fresh vegetables and fruits. In general, high blood pressure patients, diabetics, and heart patients should eat fast food carefully and choose it carefully as it contains high levels of fat, sodium, and sugars.




* Recommendations for eating fast food:


Knowing the number of calories and the amount of fat and salt in a fast meal helps a person determine the right choices. There are some restaurants that clarify the nutritional values ​​of their foods.



It is also the responsibility of the person who wants to maintain his diet to choose the foods he eats in restaurants and which he buys from stores, especially salad, soup, and vegetable dishes.





– Taking into account some special tips for some foods:


– Pizza: Order the types of pizza that contain the least amount of cheese, while choosing fillings that are lower in fat, such as onions, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables.



– Sandwiches: It is better to choose types of bread made from pure flour, rather than croissants and biscuits, because they contain a large amount of fat. The sandwich contents include fat-free grilled beef, turkey meat, and chicken breasts.



– Burger: Choose pieces of meat without adding cheese or sauce. As for tomatoes, onions, zucchini, and more lettuce, it is the safest choice, while limiting french fries.



– Meat, chicken, fish:


Look for grilled, baked, and boiled meat, and stay away from fried meat, while staying away from sauces and dips.



– Salads: Eat salad dishes that are rich in vegetables and stay away from their spices and order them in a separate dish. Stay away from cheese because it is high in fat and calories. Ask for salad dressings to contain vinegar or lemon juice whenever available.



– Sweet dishes: Eat dishes that contain fruit as much as possible.



– Eat foods in small quantities and leave more of them.



– Determine real meals for yourself to eat so as not to eat too much fast food, such as yogurt, vegetables, and fruits.



By eating fast food carefully and without excess, it is possible to contribute to nutritional meals that add value to your diet. If a person is aware of what he eats, this will positively affect his health and the health of his children so that they will eat a similarly healthy diet. Diversity and moderation are the keys to a healthy diet for children and adults alike.

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