What Happens to Your Body when You Shout? How Can You Control Physical Symptoms?

When we get bored, when we are wronged, when we are not understood, when we are ashamed or unable to express ourselves, we begin to get angry. Anger, like other moods, is a necessary emotion for our survival. But when our stress levels increase, our anger usually gets out of control and we start yelling. Although we may not be aware of it, there are many physical symptoms of yelling. We did some research on this list. What happens to your body when you scream? How to control the symptoms that arise? Let’s look for answers to these questions together.


1. Heart rate and blood pressure may increase

Every time you raise your voice or get into a heated argument, you may have noticed that your heartbeat is accelerating. When the heart rate rises, blood pressure also rises. This causes your cheeks to flush and your veins to become apparent.


2. The immune system may be affected

Investigations, it shows that even remembering a heated discussion in past times reduced immune defenses for 6 hours. Especially people who get angry very easily may notice that they get sick more in parallel with the weakening of their immune systems.


3. Excessive anger can cause a variety of health problems


When we get angry, stress hormones start to affect metabolism by attacking the brain and body. For this reason, people with anger problems have an increased risk of headaches, anxiety, insomnia and even digestive problems. Skin health issues like eczema can also occur when we are angry.


4. Memory may be affected


We often think that what affects people’s memory is diseases or head trauma. But too much stress and anger can also negatively impact memory. Did you not remember the words coming out of your mouth when you entered into a heated discussion with the other person? If you have experienced something like this, it is perfectly normal. After the discussion is over, you may often misremember what you said or have completely forgotten some of it.


5. It can cause chronic pain


Shouting is not only bad for those who get angry, but also for the people who are around them. Yelling at young children in particular can harm them in a number of ways. Behavioral problems may develop, or brain development may change. On the other hand some investigations it reveals that constant yelling and exposure to it can cause chronic pain. Especially due to stress, back, head and neck pain can be seen.


How can you check it?


Most of the time, we shout during a discussion because we think we’re right. But people win arguments by devaluing the claims of the other person. Therefore, do not think that after shouting you will be justified without arguing. Think before you speak to control your anger. You don’t want anything to come out of your mouth that you’ll regret later. After you calm down, tell the other person that you are disappointed. Take some time to find possible solutions. Try to look at things with a humorous eye. Because humor will make it easier to calm your anger in stressful situations. Finally, you can apply relaxation techniques. You can do breathing exercises, listen to calming music, or take a short walk outdoors.

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