Why Should We Wash New Clothing Before Wearing?

When it comes to new clothes, many of us are excited and want to wear them right away. ? Although some of us prefer to wash first, some of us do not see any problems in wearing without washing. Although the clothes we buy in the store look quite clean, they can contain many toxins. Those who wear the new clothes without washing them are here! We searched for new clothes for you. Here are the opinions of the experts on the subject…


In places where large productions are made, harmful chemicals are usually used


Although new clothes look clean, they can contain many toxins that can leak into your skin. As we all know, production factories are established in industrial zones where trade is intensive. The air in many of these areas is quite polluted. All this dust and dirt reaches us by clinging to the clothes.


The dangers are not limited to that!


Many brightly colored paints contain lead materials. Formaldehyde, which is used in non-wrinkle clothing, can cause cancer. In particular, you need to be more careful about polyester products. Because these clothes, which contain synthetic substances, can affect your skin in a way you never expected.


You may experience skin rashes


These chemicals, found in clothes, usually come out with water. When we sweat without washing new clothes, our sweat acts similarly, causing chemicals to dissolve. This invites skin problems such as dermatitis.


Hyperpigmentation is another possibility


Sometimes these chemicals can also lead to hyperpigmentation. It manifests itself especially under the armpit, in the groin area, under the breast and at the waist level. Because the skin is trapped in these areas, the chemicals can cause much more damage. This causes hyperpigmentation, which we know as tarnishing. Of course, all this shows up over time. Our skin gets a little more sensitive every time.


How should we wash new clothes?


Turn the clothes over and wash them in cold water. Then dry in low setting in the dryer. In this way, you can fix the color of the clothes and remove dust and toxins. For more sensitive parts, you can choose the hand washing method. The point you should pay attention to is to use a detergent suitable for delicate clothing and avoid hot water.

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