Soft drinks threaten the pancreas

American researchers warned against excessive consumption of soft drinks, saying that this may contribute to increasing the risk of pancreatic cancer.


Dr. Mark Pereira, a public health specialist at the University of Minnesota and one of the study participants, explained that people who regularly consume sweetened soft drinks are at risk of having poor health behaviors.


The study team followed about 60,000 men and women over a period of 14 years in Singapore, and 140 cases of pancreatic cancer were detected among them.


According to the study, the risk of developing pancreatic cancer increased to 80% for people whose average consumption of soft drinks per week reached five times, compared to those who do not drink this type of beverage.


Pereira stated that high levels of sugar, which are found in soft drinks, are likely to increase insulin levels in the body, as the latter is believed to contribute to the growth of cancer cells in the pancreas.


Although the study was carried out in Singapore, its results can be applied to other countries, as Singapore is a rich country where eating and shopping are the main pleasures for the population, and this applies to Western countries.

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