Four amazing facts about facial oils


Four amazing facts about facial care oils

Tracey Raine, the leading herbal expert and creator of the PIA formula, places great importance on facial care oils, talking about their many benefits and the fact that some people overlook them, she says: “I have noticed that some people are reluctant to use facial care oils during their daily skincare routine, because they think they are useless for their oily skin or Although today’s world allows everyone to get to know the rituals of skincare and its various preparations, there are still some misconceptions that impose themselves on these plant-based treatments. In doing so, Raine reveals the true effects of facial care oils on the skin, and clarifies misconceptions about them. Here are these amazing facts!

Misconception: facial care oils moisturize the skin

“Oils do not contribute to skin hydration, but rather play a role in maintaining the moisture that is pre-existing within the skin tissue, as it stops its evaporation from the surface of the skin,”says Raine.

“A small molecule derived from hyaluronic acid helps to increase moisture in the deeper layers of the skin,”says Raine. Biya Vishal oil then stores this moisture in the skin. “In one clinical trial, we found a 168% increase in skin hydration in all people who followed the care routine of applying Biya day care cream and facial oil in this way for four weeks,”says Raine.

Misconception: all facial care oils have the same effect, and they also cause pimples to appear

“There are a lot of different types of oils, from those that have a viscous, thick, and uniquely dry texture like castor oil, to fatty and nutritious oils like avocado oil, and oils that are light and quickly absorbed like Kiwi Seed Oil,”says Raine. Hence the importance of choosing the right type that suits the nature and needs of the skin. “Our range of Biya fishal oils includes light and fast-absorbing oils, such as Kiwi Seed Oil, Aloe Vera and rosehip, which are ideal options to give skin a radiant glow without causing pores to become clogged.”

Misconception: applying facial care oils enhances the problem of oily skin

Proven fact: cleansing the skin with oils can help rebalance the skin and get rid of the problem of annoying oily textures. “This theory is based on a scientific principle that revolves around the analysis of lipid compounds for their analogues. When using PIA Wash Off Cleansing Oil, these elements are easily degraded and the skin is rid of excess sebaceous secretions and cosmetic effects.” It consists of a natural emulsion that turns into a light milky liquid when mixed with water. “The second benefit of cleansing the skin with oils is that it does not strip the skin of healthy and essential oils, ensuring balanced levels of hydration are maintained. Clinical trials have recorded an 8% reduction in transdermal water loss in 88% of people who committed to applying Bea Wash Off Cleansing Oil over four weeks, confirming its exceptional effectiveness.”

Misconception: care oils do not bring much results

“In addition to their role in cleansing and maintaining hydration levels, facial care oils contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory elements and essential fatty acids that help protect, soothe and nourish the skin, so they have many health and aesthetic benefits,”says Ryan.

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