How does a man increase his fertility?

Fertility of a man means the ability to produce natural sperm capable of fertilizing a woman’s egg and
the occurrence of pregnancy % of sperms are still active moving after two hours.
At least 60% of the sperm in the sample appear normal, unformed or dead.

How does a man increase his fertility?

The important and common causes of a man’s inability to have children, or his sterility, include the following elements:

A man needs a semen that contains a sufficient number of sperm, and a healthy quality in the shape and motility of those sperms. And the types of these possible disorders include:
* The presence of fluid absolutely free of sperm, azoospermia.
* The presence of a fluid with a low number of sperm oligospermia.
Presence of a fluid containing a high percentage of sperm, but not fully developed, or sperm with distorted shape.
Presence of semen containing a high percentage of lazy sperm that do not have activity in movement: With the exception of cases of semen devoid of sperm, other disorders in sperm, i.e. in shape, movement or number, may be caused by genetics or as a result of several behaviors life, like smoking Or abuse alcohol or take some medications. It may also be the result of chronic diseases, such as kidney failure, or having certain diseases during childhood such as mumps, as well as a decrease in the proportion of hormones needed to produce sperm, or the presence of disorders in the body’s immune system.


lack of sperm
The presence of semen absolutely devoid of sperm is the cause of about 15 percent of infertility cases. There are two reasons that may lead to this complete absence of sperm in the semen. The first is the inability of the testicles to produce any sperm. Either as a result of a genetic chromosomal problem. Or as a result of not having enough hormones needed for sperm production. And the inability of the testicle to produce any of the sperm is the reason for 60 percent of cases of “semen without sperm”. The second reason is that the sperms that were already formed and produced by the testicles do not reach the mixture with the seminal fluid leaving the man’s body when he ejaculates. In other words; The presence of “occlusion” impedes this access and mixing. This is the reason for 40 percent of cases of “zero semen”.
as a result of the presence of dilated veins, containing relatively large amounts of blood. The temperature in the testicles rises, to approximate what is normal inside the body, and because the relative coldness is necessary for the process of effectively producing sperm, one of the most common causes of male infertility is the presence of varicoceles, specifically Low sperm count. Varicoceles can also cause abnormalities in the sperm’s shape or lazy movement. Medical statistics indicate that 40 percent of infertile men already have a varicocele. It is easy for the doctor to identify the presence of these varicose veins, and it is possible to treat and remove them efficiently; surgery or catheterization. This is while noting what is confirmed by the American Urological Association that varicocele is present in 15% of men under the age of 45 years, and therefore it does not necessarily lead to infertility in all sufferers, but some of them

Back ejaculation

Normal ejaculation is forward, that is, out of the body through the penis, but some men have a problem with normal ejaculation, by ejaculating backwards. And often the cause of the problem of retrograde ejaculation is a functional disorder in the harmony of the work of muscles and nerves to control the direction of the ejaculation process. This condition occurs as a result of a previous surgery in that area, or as a result of taking some medications, or as a consequence of some diseases that affect the nervous system. This condition can be diagnosed with dry ejaculation, that is, the fluid does not come out simultaneously from reaching the height of orgasm, and also by the output of hazy and opaque urine as is usually normal. Erectile dysfunction is one of the reasons for the inability to deliver semen to a woman’s vagina


How does a man increase his fertility?

Important foods to increase fertility in men:

1- garlic : Garlic is one of the super foods that plays a wonderful role in improving men’s sexual health in general and increasing man’s fertility tremendously. B6 and allicin, which helps blood flow to the extremities and penis, which addresses the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

2- Fish:  All kinds of fish are foods rich in omega-3  and 6 fatty acids, which are the elements responsible for developing sperms, improving their quality and obtaining the best quality of sperm, which greatly increases a man’s fertility, up to the treatment of cases of infertility.

3- Pomegranate juice:  Antioxidants are one of the most important elements for increasing male fertility, as they work to increase sperm and improve their quality. One of the foods rich in antioxidants is pomegranate juice, which is considered a superfood that plays a major role in increasing man’s fertility and improving his sexual and reproductive health.

4- Bananas  : Bananas are one of the best foods that increase man’s fertility and enhance his sexual health. Bananas contain vitamin A, C, B1, along with magnesium and protein, all of which have a tremendous ability to improve a man’s sexual ability and health and enhance fertility by improving the quality of A man’s sperm, when a man eats four bananas, is like a natural Viagra.

5- pumpkin seeds :  One of the healthy foods that greatly benefit in improving a man’s sexual health in an important way and increasing his fertility are pumpkin seeds that contain a high percentage of zinc, which works to increase testosterone and sperm count. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in omega-3 and fatty acids, which stimulates Blood flow to the extremities and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

6- avocado:  Vitamin e is one of the most important elements that a man’s sexual health needs, and there is nothing better than avocado, which is one of the most important foods rich in vitamin E, which helps increase sperm motility and thus greatly increase man’s fertility.

7- Apples :  Doctors always recommend eating an apple a day because it helps in improving health in general.

8- Tomatoes  :  Most cases of male infertility and lack of fertility are due to the lack of lycopene in men. Here, tomatoes come as a magic solution to increase man’s fertility because they are a source of lycopene and antioxidants, which helps in increasing sperms and increasing their quality significantly, improving a man’s reproductive health and increasing his fertility.

Other factors to improve male fertility:

– Regular exercise improves the number and characteristics of sperm significantly
– – Stay away from drugs, alcohol and smoking
– Consumption of drugs or alcohol directly affects the decrease in sperm count, so it should be completely avoided. As for smoking in particular, it leads to the destruction of the DNA present in the sperm, and it also leads to birth defects and birth defects. According to many experts, marijuana reduces sperm count in men, as well as semen, thus increasing the number of abnormal sperm produced by a man.
– the heat
Heat is one of the biggest enemies of sperm health. So it is best to avoid wearing tights or jeans. It should be noted that the man’s body contains a cooling system, which provides a mechanism for cooling the testicles. However, when wearing leggings or jeans, the capabilities of the cooling system become limited. You should also stay away from wearing tight underwear or made of synthetic materials

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