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How the body gets energy - Care Beauty

How the body gets energy


For example, people run, ride a bike, swim, and paddle depending on the ability of the body, and there are various sources through which the body gets energy such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein, so dietary choices may be very important .


The foods that we eat serve to provide the body with the potential energy that the body may need to continue to work well, and also this energy provides the muscles an important source, and one of the most important energy sources for the body carbohydrates that easily decompose into glucose, and from them glucose is used as energy and is sent to the liver and 

The following are sources of energy in the body


It is one of the most important sources of energy in the body, it gives more than twice as much energy as carbohydrates or protein, and fat is broken down in the body, transported through the blood and from it to the muscles in order to obtain energy, so fat is an unlimited source of energy .


Protein may be used in order to build body tissues, also to maintain and even repair them, protein helps to collect a number of important hormones and enzymes in the body, protein is consumed when glycogen reserves are depleted, skeletal muscles are broken down in order to be consumed as energy .


When comparing carbohydrates with protein, and fat, we find that the body requires less oxygen in order to burn carbohydrates compared to protein, or fat, and we see that the importance of carbohydrates during exercises that need high effort, and help to represent the food of the body, especially fat burning, and help in the stages of the process of converting food into energy, 

How the body gets energy

You might be eating and digesting him, and even metabolized type of energy, which often occurs due to exchange between the different images of power, where the calories are transformed taken from food and drink for the crew, this complex process called “metabolism”, the body consumes up to 10% of its energy when you eat .

During physical activity the active body needs to burn kilojoules , and it needs three different types of energy, which can be used in running, jumping, and other types of short activity, in addition most of the energy used by the human body daily may be the basic energies, necessary for each metabolism .

And the vital functions of the body that consume a lot of energy breathing, circulation, organs and through which the basic metabolic rate is measured, as this rate decreases due to a decrease in muscle mass when a person grows older, we find that a good basic metabolic rate is associated with increased energy efficiency . 

How our bodies turn food into energy

All parts of our body need energy, so it will be necessary to know the stages of energy generation from food, the body mixes the fluids in the stomach, and when the food is digested carbohydrates are decomposed into glucose, and released into the blood for later use, but the body may need an amount of insulin in order to store glucose .

When insulin is released from the pancreas, we find that it travels through the blood to the cells of the body and then penetrates these cells, and when the glucose moves to the cells we find the sugar levels drop, and the pancreas slows down the insulin in the blood.

In the human body, both insulin and blood sugar are balanced for energy, and it also helps the body store additional glucose for later use .for example, if a person eats a large meal that does not need the amount of glucose in it, insulin helps the body store glucose, converting it into energy later.

What is the largest source of energy in the body

When talking about the types of energy in the human body, we find that they are divided into chemical energy, electrochemical energy, there is also the energy of natural movement, light energy, and the largest source of energy in the body we find that fat is one of the most efficient energy sources more than carbohydrates, and it is good that the body

Considered a complex carbohydrate is also one of the largest sources of energy in the body, and can be found in high-fiber cereals, bread, pastas and starchy vegetables, these foods are digested slowly it also has long lasting energy because they take longer to digest, and complex carbohydrates stabilize the level of sugar in the body .

As for protein, it is found in chicken, turkey, fish and legumes such as lentils and beans, there is a moderate amount of healthy fats in avocados and nuts, and drinking enough fluids may also be necessary to maintain energy in the body so water must be included to ensure a certain energy level as dehydration causes a lack of energy . 

Foods to avoid when getting energy

It is necessary to limit simple carbohydrates and resort to complex carbohydrates, both sweets, biscuits, sugary drinks and sweetened juices should be avoided, since this type of simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed .

Although they provide a boost of energy, but they are digested quickly and this leads to run out of energy very quickly, and also avoid some of the things calculated caffeine so that alcohol is considered waste materials that cause depression, which reduces the energy levels, the caffeine gives a boost of energy for a short time . 

How the body gets energy at rest

As mentioned we find that fats are the primary source of energy, and the body may use them for energy at rest, and when eating carbohydrates, the body converts them into energy, stops using fats, and it is necessary to introduce meals with a low content of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables or fruits . 

In the end, the body may need energy in everything it does, such as breathing, eating, sleeping, walking or any other activity that the body does, and this energy is provided by food that gives the body this energy in the form of calories .