Benefits of garlic for thinning hair



There are many benefits of garlic for hair, and it has been used over the centuries for its beneficial properties, where garlic has been used for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, protecting the scalp from bacteria and maintaining a healthier appearance for the hair


The benefits of garlic for light hair


Garlic has antibacterial properties, that is, it is effective in fighting bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Therefore, the use of garlic for hair can be helpful in preventing the growth of bacteria in the scalp, and the scalp healthy look bigger

Anti-inflammatory properties

Another benefit for people with hair loss is the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, the application of garlic can reduce inflammation and irritation which may be the causes of hair loss, and garlic also nourishes the hair follicles

Protects against aging

When talking about hair loss, it is important developments to the topic of aging, because the first signs of aging appear on the skin and hair. Of course everyone wants to prevent aging and fight aging but that is not possible. Even so, applying and applying garlic can protect hair and skin from external harm that causes early age, and protect skin and hair from harmful UV rays and sunlight

Keratinocytes are cells that produce keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein that forms the primary component in hair and nails. By protecting keratin cells from harm it can be ensured that the cells are able to produce keratin and, as a result, contribute to hair growth[1]

Promote blood circulation

Having good blood circulation is one of the most prominent components of healthy hair. Garlic contains selenium components that promote the blood, enhance nourish the scalp, there are an abundant amount of vitamin C in garlic, so this vitamin not only helps in hair growth, but also promotes the production of collagen which helps in hair growth

Protects hair follicles from dirt

Garlic loosens, cleans and strengthens hair follicles, slowing down hair loss.

An Indian Journal of leprosy, venereal diseases and Skin Diseases published a study on the benefits of garlic for hair loss. According to the study, 5 percent of participants experienced hair loss. After applying garlic, participants showed new growth in areas that had baldness, reduced bald spots, and increased hair count.

The study shows how the selenium and sulfur contained in garlic are effective in strengthening the structure of the hair stem, this confirms that garlic not only helps in hair growth but also strengthens existing hair and is considered as the best oil for hair .[2]

Method of using garlic for hair

Garlic can act as a supplement for hair health, and can be used as a treatment for hair loss, method of putting garlic on hair:

Apply directly to the scalp

If a person tries to avoid the use of complex recipes, he can simply apply garlic oil to the hair, and this method may be the right one

This process is very simple, cut the clove of garlic into cloves, and wring out the scalp directly, this method is the simplest way and you need only a few minutes for the application, it is important to note that garlic raw may be some side effects, excessive use may lead to sensitivity and irritation

Put it like garlic paste.

For people with baldness patterns, this can be a way to target areas where hair falls out

Before applying the garlic mixture to the hair, it can be applied to the hand for caution to ensure that there is no inflammatory reaction, it can be made as a paste simply at home, but it requires: fresh garlic and olive oil.

Garlic and ginger paste

In this paste peel the garlic and crush it and ginger and add with oil to the food processor, mix the mixture until it is coherent and does not contain lumps, the person only needs one spoonful of olive oil and one clove of garlic, and due to the different sizes of ginger can use the right amount of olive oil to make a]

Garlic recipes for

Garlic and honey for hair growth

Chopped garlic and honey can be added and mixed in the bowl well, put this mixture on the hair and leave about 30 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water

Garlic with rosemary

To use garlic with rosemary, mix 5 tablespoons of garlic oil, a spoon of coconut, a spoon of castor oil and half a spoon of rosemary oil, mix well in a bowl

Explain about two tablespoons of the mixture on the scalp and leave for 15 minutes then cover the hair completely, leave for half an hour, wash off after it with a mild shampoo is best to repeat this process about three times a week

Garlic and coconut oil

In this home remedy, garlic is mixed with mild and warm coconut oil, the two ingredients are mixed and applied to the scalp and left for thirty minutes and then washed off the hair

Benefits of garlic oil for hair

In order to prepare garlic oil at home, a person needs eight cloves of garlic, a medium-sized onion, and half a glass of any oil a person desires, (olive oil which is considered one of the best oil for hair. In order to make the garlic oil, the garlic, onion must be crushed and put in a blender bowl in order to make the mixture, and once the pulp is obtained, the bearing oil is heated in a pan and the onion-garlic mixture is added to it. As soon as the pulp turns brown, the heat must be turned off. Let the oil cool, drain and discard the remaining pulp.

Placed two tablespoons of the mixture on your scalp and massage gently. Continue the massage for 15 minutes. Then apply more oil to the entire length of the hair. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off using a mild shampoo. Conditioner optional.

The benefits of garlic oil for hair are very numerous as it helps in cleaning hair follicles and removing germs, this helps in the growth of new hair without any obstacles, garlic oil has very important benefits in fighting the dryness of the scalp, and thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in the treatment of psoriasis, dandruff and]

Benefits of eating garlic for hair

It is possible that a person naturally eats a quantity of garlic, but when a person looks forward to an increase in hair growth, he can do some simple steps

At first, a person may not like the taste of garlic, they can then replace it with a complementary tablet of garlic, and this may be a great option for people suffering from heartburn or digestive disorders

Garlic can be added to one’s favorite dishes, chopped garlic, added to salads, chicken dishes, rice and salad, or one can roast garlic and enjoy its taste with sweet and spicy cloves and serve as a side dish next to main dishes

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