Body scrub to remove dead skin


Removing dead skin is one of the most important things that must be taken care of by women, because the accumulation of dead skin can cause some problems, including wrinkles, aging and others


Body sandpaper 

The body sandpaper is the process of removing dead skin, which is a process that contributes greatly to the removal of dead skin cells, in addition to rid the body of various wrinkles, it also has a great role in the removal of acne in addition to various other grains, it also works on the treatment of various sun spots that invade all

Sandpaper through tomatoes and oranges

And is the best type of sandpaper natural which is used by the tomatoes and oranges, and can be used through the following steps:


– Juice from fresh tomatoes;

– A tablespoon of fresh lemon.

– A tablespoon of fresh orange.

– Teaspoon of gelatin.

– Half a glass of water.

Method of preparation

In a bowl are placed all the above ingredients and work to mix and combine them well, and the mixture is placed in a bowl on a quiet temperature, and continue stirring until we make sure the gelatin is melted, then we add tomato juice and continue to stir slowly, and the mixture is left on fire until it cools, and can also be placed in the refrigerator

Sandpaper dead skin with honey

Honey is a natural material that is used to exfoliate the body and perform natural sandpaper through the following steps:


– Two cups of salt.

– Two cups of honey.

– Half a glass of grape seed oil;

– Six tablespoons of unsweetened grated chocolate and can be replaced with cocoa.

Method of preparation

– Honey is mixed with grape seed oil, chocolate and salt are added to them in order to perform a paste of thick texture, the body is massaged through this mixture, water is placed on the body, and the body can be wiped through a wet towel of warm water.

– Coffee: also Coffee has a natural role in sandpaper and exfoliation of the body, and this is through the removal of dead skin, and it has a role in preventing the appearance of wrinkles, in addition to preventing sagging skin, and can be taken advantage of this mixture by putting a mixture of the amount of coarse coffee beans in addition to olive oil,

Facial peeling away

– Facial peeling and sandpaper through sugar works on the development of the skin and work on its hydration, where it provides the skin with the necessary moisture needed by the body in purifying the skin cells from any toxins, which contributes to the activation of blood circulation, and also contributes to the flow of blood circulation to the skin, which contributes to giving it freshness and youth again,

– Also, the brown and white sugar is one of the most important natural exfoliants for the skin, unlike many high-priced exfoliants, and the smell of brown sugar and sugar granules are safe substances on the skin and does not come with any of the opposite results, as most types of sanding scattered in shops contain salt and in order to increase its size, and on the contrary

Peeling with honey and oats

Oatmeal is one of the most important foods that provide many benefits to the body, and it is worth mentioning that it can be used to exfoliate the dead skin, and it is possible to mix it with honey and rub the skin in a circular way.