Home coloring: mistakes to avoid

You are a very active woman, your agenda is full but no appointment with the hairdresser is included … And for good reason: three hours of waiting for coloring! It will be quicker to make it yourself at home!

If this is the case, BE CAREFUL because there are mistakes not to be made when choosing your coloring… Errors which can affect the expected result for your hair.

If you want to have beautiful hair with a much more intense and beautiful color, but also to prevent any health problem for your hair, you should not go wrong when choosing your coloring, nor neglect the break.

Here are the mistakes to avoid.


Choosing the right color is a tricky step, and a number of factors will play a role in the final result, which may explain why certain tones don’t suit you in the end.

The golden rule to follow when you change your hair style and color: choose a color no more than 2 shades lighter than your current hair color, or 2 shades darker. If you do not adhere to this rule, you may end up with unnatural color after coloring. We strongly recommend that you use your skin tone to choose the right color. Example: No need to opt for platinum blond if you are rather very brunette or raven black if you have a milky complexion…. You can imagine the result, don’t you?


This is one of the fatal hair color choice mistakes for the health of your hair. Indeed, bleaching is a very aggressive process that should not be abused if you do not want to burn your hair, make it dry or abuse it too much.

This damage can be accentuated if, in addition, you do not carry out the discoloration correctly: for this it is better to rely on a professional stylist or a hairdresser. However, some dyes can lighten hair by two tones if you have particularly dark hair, and up to four if your hair is naturally very light.

Clearly, if you want, for example, to change the hair color from black or dark brown to blond, you must bleach them and then apply the dye. This will prevent your hair from having an orange-red color.



Do you have the habit of protecting your hair before drying it with a hairdryer or curling iron? The same should be done before coloring. You will prevent the chemical components of the dye from damaging and weakening the fibers in your hair. Many protective products exist for your hair: Do not hesitate to get some and apply it to your hair before coloring to keep it in perfect condition.

If your hair remains healthy, coloring will not affect its appearance and the end result will be more flattering and luminous. Take the opportunity to hydrate your hair ends, you will get radiant hair.

When you color your hair, there is oxidation. The product colors your hair. But not only. If applied incorrectly, it can also stain your scalp and even the outline of your face. To avoid this, use a very rich, even oily moisturizer. And apply it all around the face where the hair is implanted. Don’t forget to put it on and behind the ears.


The chemical ingredients found in many of the dyes available in stores can irritate the skin of the scalp and cause a very bothersome allergic reaction.

To avoid this, you can simply do a little test before you dye your hair. Apply a small amount of the dye behind the ear and wait about 48 hours to see how the skin reacts to the product: if you find the product irritating, then don’t use it and get a new, more natural one. possible.



How to apply the coloring is very important if you want to achieve a uniform, intense and beautiful color, and can lead to disasters when not done correctly.

It is advisable to be methodical and apply your coloring 4 strands by 4 strands, applying the product from roots to ends. Read the instructions on the dye package and follow them throughout coloring.

Women who only need to color their roots should not apply the dye to the rest of their hair, otherwise they could run the risk of having hyper pigmented locks of hair and having certain areas of your hair. hair darker than others.

If this all sounds way too tedious, take some time for yourself and have your hairdresser pamper yourself.

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