Dr.’s recipe Dr. Oz teeth whitening in 60 seconds

Getting whiter teeth is one of the things that concern many women

As a result of the appearance of teeth when laughing or smiling, which may put some people in embarrassing situations

In the case of yellowing of the teeth. In this article, our magazine, Madam, presents a method

Teeth cleaning and whitening the way of Dr. Oz. Oz to get teeth




Brilliant white and free of annoying yellowing simply and effortlessly.


the components:


You will not need many ingredients to make this recipe, all you have to do is use orange peel only.


How to use:


1- Use the white inner surface of the orange peel to massage your teeth for 60 seconds.


2- Brush your teeth with toothpaste and brush thoroughly after you have finished using the orange peel.





3- Repeat this twice a day, and you will see the result yourself.