Fish oil may contribute to the treatment of gum disease

Fish oil is a yellow oil whose main source is the liver of the whale called cod fish. It is considered a dietary supplement and is available in yellow gelatin capsules. Its many benefits have been proven because it contains vitamin A and D, who help raise the body’s immunity and prevent colds and flu, as well as build muscle. .


Gingivitis, an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth, affects more than half of adults and is associated with an increased risk of stroke and other heart diseases. The researchers conducted a study to evaluate whether giving fish oil might be an adjunctive treatment for gingivitis.


The analysis of previous studies showed that the improvement in clinical measures was common to all studies, but the results of two studies were scientifically important, due to the combination of aspirin and fish oil in treatment, and in general, eating fish oil has a health importance that goes beyond dental health.


Where specialists recommend taking fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, as a daily dietary supplement on an ongoing basis, because of its great health benefits.


There are no risks from taking fish oil unless it is taken in high levels. People may experience a delay in the time of blood clotting, in addition to an upset stomach. But if a person is taking medication to prevent blood clots, a doctor should be consulted before taking fish oil.


The researchers showed that there is evidence that fish oil is effective in reducing symptoms of gingivitis, but they need more studies to evaluate fish supplements in its use alone or with aspirin to reveal the effectiveness of fish oil alone.


Also, adherence to treatment and determining the dose and time of treatment are important to accurately assess the effectiveness of fish oil