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Excessive coffee consumption may lead to blindness

Excessive coffee consumption may lead to blindness


The people of Scandinavia suffer from glaucoma, to a large extent, because they drink it a lot

A recent American study showed that coffee rich in caffeine can increase the risk of developing a type of glaucoma known as exfoliation glaucoma.

The study, which was recently published in the Journal of Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, says that coffee drinkers should be aware that too much of this drink may expose them to vision loss.

In this context, the author of the study, Ji Hee Kang, announced that the people of Scandinavia suffer the highest rates of exfoliation glaucoma, because they are the people who consume the most caffeinated coffee in the world.

The study included two groups, the first included women and the second included men, all of whom were over 40 years old and had never had glaucoma (glaucoma) at the start of the study.

The researchers relied on the questionnaire-list method to determine a person’s consumption of caffeinated beverages and analyzed medical reports to detect cases of glaucoma, which increases eye pressure to the point that damages the optic nerve.

The expanded results showed that people who drank 3 or more cups of caffeinated coffee had a higher risk of developing this type of glaucoma than people who did not drink coffee.

The study did not find any relationship between this disease and the consumption of other caffeine-rich drinks such as tea, soda or chocolate, as well as decaffeinated coffee.

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