Why do people become shorter in the evening?  

Why do people become shorter in the evening?


Do you know why a person’s stature becomes shorter at the end of the day? Learn how to maintain the flexibility of the cartilage in the spine in order to avoid back pain.




Scientific studies confirm that our height shrinks by about two centimeters at the end of the day, because the spine compresses, and this is because the weight of the body presses on the cartilage located between the vertebrae, which is filled with a viscous liquid mass. As a result, the liquid material comes out to the sides, causing the length of the human body to shrink. At night, the cartilage fills with fluid again. And in the morning, we’re back to being taller.


In order for cartilage to remain flexible and maintain sufficient nutrients, a person must move adequately and create a balance between effort and rest. Those who are inactive are exposed to back pain. In addition to elastic cartilage, ligaments and muscles make the spine flexible and provide support at the same time. Well-trained abdominal and back muscles also protect against spinal pain

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