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Make your own makeup primer at home

Many women suffer from the problem of non-permanence of cosmetics on the skin, especially during the summer season, as a result of the intense heat, which makes it smudge or run. consists of.

> Ingredients:





> Distilled water >

>a cucumber.>

>Pack of green tea>

> Clean and sterile spray bottle


>Method of preparation:

>- Soak the cucumber after cutting it with green tea in distilled water, then leave the mixture for four hours, and then

> describe it.

>- Put this in a spray bottle with glycerin added to it, and before you use it every time on your skin, shake the bottle



>How to use:

>- After applying cosmetics to your skin, spray two or three sprays of the mixture on it from a distance of at least

> Fifty cm while making sure to close your eyes for twenty seconds.

>- Do not use this mixture after two weeks and get rid of it immediately after this period has passed.

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