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Wrong eating habits that cause weight gain

We find that many women have thin bodies, and some may be surprised at this, and they may think that they were born in this image, and this may be true, of course, as a result of the nature of the body’s hormones, especially the hormone responsible for burning in the body.

However, there are some factors that affect body shape and weight, in addition to genetic factors, which are dietary habits that are easy to control. Many recent studies have put forward tips and ideas for slimming the body and obtaining the ideal weight, which is represented in practicing healthy habits. The correct diet does not include, of course, eating small amounts of food and exercising a lot, as these things do not only make a person get a slim body and an ideal weight, but some daily habits must be modified, such as:

Not eating while sitting at the computer:

When a person does these two things together, he often eats a larger amount of food, just as using a computer while eating




It may make a person prefer to eat snacks that do not give great nutritional values, and a study has already been done on me

Two groups of people, the first group were eating while sitting on the computers and the second group

They were eating away from it, and the result was that the people who ate their food away from the computers felt full

faster than other people.

Eat foods that contain a large percentage of water:

Such as soups of all kinds, salads, cucumbers, and melons. These foods make a person feel full faster

Its calories are not many, and the fact is that drinking water alone does not leave the same effect as these foods

Eating a meal is to start with salad or soup, because it will make the person eat at lower rates, and it is recommended to drink two glasses of water

Before eating, this would make the person lose weight faster than the person who does not drink water before eating his meal.


Perception of a person eating his food before he actually starts eating it:

It would make this person imagine that he has eaten more, and a study has already been conducted on a man and a woman who were imagining eating

I tasted them before actually starting to eat them, so they ate sweets in smaller quantities than those who eat normally, and the researchers see

That this perception makes the person convinced that he has eaten before, so when he actually starts eating, he will feel that he has been satiated.

faster and makes them control the amount of food more.

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