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Healthy lifestyle / What is a healthy lifestyle?

  What is a healthy lifestyle?   A healthy lifestyle is defined as a set of practices that aim to improve the level of health of individuals and prevent disease which ultimately leads to an improvement in the overall standard of life . The concept of a healthy lifestyle may be limited to exercise and […]

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Foods that cause hair loss

  Many women suffer from the problem of hair loss, and there are some foods that we eat that are the reason behind this hair loss without knowing it, and for this we will explain to you the foods that cause hair loss. List of foods that cause hair loss: Salt causes hair loss Salt […]

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7 amazing ways to use honey

  Honey is one of the most beneficial natural products for human health, as a result of the work of bees with pollen from different types of flowers. This substance is generally used to replace sugar in food, but honey has many other applications. Some say that Cleopatra, the most famous ancient queen of Egypt, […]

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10 DIY beauty tips you can prepare at home

  Whipped Body butter. DIY body whipped cream is simple and easy to prepare at home. You only need to have both the ingredients and equipment available to you. Equipment needed while making any DIY whipped cream is almost the same, you need 1. A hand mixer. 2. Stove/cooker or any means of fire. 3. […]

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How to make cucumber gel at home

  In this post we are going to make cucumber get at home. As we all know, we are using cucumber in our recipes, that is why i want us to be using cucumber not only in our food but also on our body too. Before we jump into the recipe, let us see the […]

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Magic effect with botox

  Over time, the heaviness of the years takes effect and wrinkles begin to appear. Forget expensive creams or surgeries! Here is this oil to reduce wrinkles and prevent their appearance. Wrinkles begin to appear from the age of twenty, thirty or forty years, depending on the person’s nature. But how do we explain its […]

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