How do you plan for the new year?


What we can do about the past is to review and evaluate what happened in it. To learn from our mistakes and create a better future, and before we talk about the present and in order to plan for the future, we must learn how to view what has passed in our lives and how to judge the extent of our failure or success in a year. That makes us assess the time in a better way instead of casting negative feelings in a few days to destroy an entire year. “

Planning for the New Year

Planning for the New Year

The first rule: Identify the obstacles

I had set a goal to obtain a certificate of proficiency in the French language last year, and I reached the tenth level and could not finish all the levels, look for the reason, is it something that belongs to you or outside of your control, if the second is not sad, I have accomplished 70% of the goal, and in this year Get the remaining 30%, as long as you stay willing, nothing will stop you from accessing.

The second rule: Set your priorities and don’t distract yourself

You have set 7 goals that you achieved 3 and you still feel frustrated, because you have achieved lesser priority goals for you, your priorities are your holy book, always put them in mind and focus on them, there are many sweet things in life, but the question here is what do you want from all these things? What will make you feel happy?

Third rule: Always set your goals in mind

Human from oblivion; In order to always remember your destination, write it on paper and place it always in mind; To be your compass that always brings you back on the road, did you record it? Well … here is the next step. Divide the big goal into small goals and steps, and distribute them to the year. Whenever you achieve a goal, put a mark of achievement in front of it, and in this way you will feel progress, no matter how late or disrupted you are, continue and start … The time is never too late.

Fourth rule: Stand up for review

Yes, I mean very much what I read, from time to time you should review yourself and evaluate what you have accomplished. Ask yourself these questions:

Is what happened really what you wanted, or did the road take you to side streets?

Did you reach it however you planned, or by using other methods?

Are you satisfied with yourself and your method of achievement?

What obstacles came your way and how did you overcome them?

Are you still sticking to that goal, or do you feel apathy towards it?

Fifth rule: Reward yourself

This is what you need now, you must feel from time to time accomplishment, how beautiful it is!

This feeling that will push you to complete what you started, after you have stopped and reviewed your goals, you must have accomplished something. Arrived.

Maybe you’d like to reward yourself in another way, maybe a short vacation, a picnic or maybe a fancy dinner, enjoy you deserve.


Sixth rule: Rest

Those who think that the time of rest is the end of the journey is wrong. On the contrary, rest is an essential part of any work, and if it were not for the daily hours of sleep at night, we would never go to our work. This energy that we enjoy in the morning thanks to sleep is the same energy that you will feel after the breaks that you give your mind from From time to time, yes, your mind needs periods of doing nothing, do not think about anything and do not plan for anything, just rest, we are different, our estimation of time is different, just give your mind what it needs from a truce, and whatever the degree of your attachment to the thing that you are doing or the extent of your love for it, your friction With it the continuous will make you lose your desire for it, so miss it until you return to it anxiously.

There must be a lot of useful rules that help us to plan for the new year, these are some of them and the most beautiful ones are those rules that you write yourself, and that suit you and no one but you.