Bad breath and how to get rid of it

You should know that unpleasant mouth odor is an expression of what is inside the body and what is happening inside it of disorders, especially what is happening in the stomach.


Here are 10 ways to avoid bad breath and to treat it as well:


1- The last food we eat in the evening should not be of the type that sticks to the teeth or that gets stuck between the teeth.


2- It is possible to eat the fruit of an apple. In addition to its benefits, it is also effective in cleaning between the teeth and strengthening the teeth as well.


3- Using floss to clean between the spaces between the teeth and the presence of these food particles provides a suitable environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria that secrete the bad smell.


4- Constipation must be avoided and treated because it leads to an unpleasant odor from the mouth, especially when waking up from sleep.


5- The gums of the teeth have a major factor on the unpleasant smell of the mouth, especially if they are inflamed and bleed, as this leaves an unpleasant smell from the decomposition of blood in the mouth and the release of compounds that lead to that smell. If the gums are like that, then hurry to a doctor and treat them.


6- Try to use the siwak, which has many benefits, and in the hadeeth about him, peace and blessings be upon him: “Were it not that I would be hard on my nation, I would have commanded them to use the siwak at every prayer.”


7- Avoid eating foods that contain a lot of foods that form gases in the abdomen and change the smell of the mouth, such as garlic and onions, as they work to increase gases inside the abdomen, and therefore this will negatively affect the smell of your mouth for the next two days at most.


8- If you feel that your mouth smells unpleasant, then after Iftar you can drink drinks that help relieve several stomach gases in order to reduce that smell, such as mint, as it is one of the useful drinks that purifies the stomach to a wonderful degree. You can also eat lemon, which has the same purpose.


9- Make sure to eat dark vegetables, especially the vegetables and salad plate, in your daily breakfast meal. Dark vegetables have great benefits, including eliminating mouth odors and gases.




10- Try to stay away from legumes, as they also work on the formation of abdominal gases, and therefore an unpleasant odor is emitted from the mouth. The smell of the mouth is always a reflection of what is happening inside the stomach of disturbances.

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