Effects of sleep apnea

A medical study revealed that patients with “sleep apnea” are more likely to develop pneumonia, according to the latest research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal online.


The reasons behind this frightening phenomenon vary, as apnea may be caused by a total obstruction of the airway for a period of not less than 10 seconds, and this obstruction may be partial and cause snoring during sleep. There are many reasons for this blockage, including:

Thickening of the tissues in the respiratory tract.

Swollen or enlarged tonsils.

– An increase in the size of the tongue, which may put pressure on the muscles of the duct during contraction and relaxation during a person’s sleep, and thus lead to frequent interruptions in breathing and force him to wake up repeatedly during the night.


Sleep disorders caused by loosening of the tissues, obstructing the upper airway, cutting off the oxygen supply, and stopping breathing during sleep.

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