Hormones to get rid of chronic pain

It is known that the hormone “oxytocin”, known as the “love” hormone, which is linked to positive human feelings, plays an important role during pregnancy and affects the levels of hormones, whether by increase or decrease after childbirth, as it contributes to a decrease in the level of pain among pregnant women.


An American study concluded that a hormonal mixture may make a significant difference in reducing the suffering of many patients from chronic pain, according to the latest research conducted in this regard.

The study indicates that 7 out of every 9 patients (representing between 30 to 40%) have felt a tangible improvement when taking doses of the hormone “oxytocin”, in addition to a number of opioid analgesics, which have also contributed to a reduction of between Between 30 and 40% of the severity of the pain. The authors of the study explained that the patients also felt an improvement in the severity of the pain, and not just in its nature

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