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A recipe that perfumes and whitens the sensitive area

It is nice for a woman to smell beautiful aromatic scents, even if she does not suffer from an unwanted odor, it is nice to take care of yourself and the scent of your body. Use this recipe and you will notice the results.


the components :


a spoonful of starch.


Half a spoonful of baby powder.


Half a spoonful of sodium carbonate.





Half a spoonful of jasmine oil.


Vaseline spoon.




How to prepare :


Mix the ingredients together until they blend well, then put them in the fridge after covering them tightly. Attention must be paid to the necessity of placing the mixture in a sterile, dry and sealed container. After two days, you can start using the recipe


Put it on the sensitive area, leave it for two hours, then wash it with warm water.

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