A quick natural recipe for hair removal without pain

When it comes to removing excess hair in the body, women feel the difficulty of the matter, and the pain and trouble it causes directly jumps into their minds, so they find it easier to resort to hair shaving, as it is the easiest, least expensive and troublesome way, and most importantly, it does not cause pain.


However, it does not last for more than two days until the hair returns to grow in an annoying and ugly way. Therefore, we will introduce you to a method that is less difficult than sweetness and wax, and it is an easy and painless way to remove hair.


You need:


1 cup white sugar.





1 cup of honey.


2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.


Cornstarch as needed.




Put the ingredients in a bowl on the fire and stir well until the mixture begins to boil, then lower the fire under it for 25 minutes until it becomes dark yellow, then remove it and leave it to come to room temperature.


Apply a layer of cornstarch to clean dry skin and prevent stickiness, then apply a thin layer of the mixture in the direction of hair growth and cover it with a thin sheet of cotton tissue, then remove it in the opposite direction, and you will find a big difference in the smoothness and beauty of your skin