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Natural thick eyebrows highlight your beauty more - Care Beauty

Natural thick eyebrows highlight your beauty more

Eyebrows are a frame for the face that defines its features and highlights the beauty and charm of the eyes. Naturally thick eyebrows are currently the latest beauty trend.


In order to obtain this modern look, Bauer recommended that the hair not be removed to a large extent when trimming the eyebrows, and that the eyebrows should not be exaggeratedly defined, so that they retain their natural shape.




Drawing the eyebrows properly is one of the elements of an attractive look full of tenderness and femininity, noting that it is ideal for the eyebrows to take an arched shape.




And to get the attractive arched shape, Bauer recommended following the rule of “two-thirds and one-third”, so that the first two-thirds rise starting from the inner corner of the eye, with the last third descending towards the outside.







To determine the appropriate length of the eyebrow, Bauer recommended the use of two thin sticks so that the woman places one vertically along the side of the nose to the forehead, while the second is placed from the side of the nose above the far right point of the eye, and then the woman removes all the hairs that are outside the borders of this range.




For blondes who do not have enough eyebrow hair, she advises them to use a colored fixing gel, which is similar to mascara, in order to highlight the hair of the eyebrows.