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Stick to eye protection methods in the summer to avoid dangerous diseases

Summer is the time to enjoy vacations, travel and excursions; But summer can also have some harmful effects on your eyes. Therefore, protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays is important, as it may greatly harm and damage your eyes.


Dr. Mohamed Asqalani, a consultant ophthalmologist and laser, will tell you the following about what the eye may be exposed to in the summer:






Negative effects of summer on the eyes




Summer leaves some negative effects on the eyes, if the necessary measures are not taken to protect them from the sun’s rays; Among these effects are:




Summer eye allergies: Common allergens spread in summer, when mold and seed deposits reach their peak during the warmer summer months, and people who are allergic may experience an increase in eye allergy symptoms, including eye itching, burning and dry eyes.

Corneal burns: Sunburn does not only affect the skin. Excessive exposure to the sun can also burn the cornea and cause symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision and malaise.


Dry eyes: Dry eyes are a very common condition and can affect some all year round. Problems may increase in summer, and the high temperatures outside, combined with fans and air conditioners indoors, can contribute to dry eyes symptoms.


Increased risk of infection: Although summer may not be cold and flu season, you are not immune to infection. This infection may be accompanied by eye infections.


sunshine dangers


Exposing the eyes to the sun is dangerous




Exposing the eyes to direct and continuous sunlight exposes them to many health problems, including:


Eyelid cancer: a form of skin cancer, and the incidence of it is between 5-10% of skin cancer. It often appears on the lower eyelid due to more exposure to sunlight.


Eye cancer: It is rare, but it usually affects adults, and it begins in the middle layer of the eye.


– Cataract: It is a clouding of the lens of the eye, and exposure to direct sunlight is one of the factors of this disease.


Macular degeneration: One of the most important causes of vision loss in the elderly, and one of the causes of it may be excessive exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended to have regular eye exams annually.










Eye protection measures




Think about protecting your eyes in the summer






Sunglasses must be worn before leaving the house during the day in the summer, in order to protect the eyes from diseases caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun, such as photoconjunctivitis, cataracts and eyelid cancer.

Sunglasses will not provide complete protection from UV damage, so it is best to wear a hat before going out during the day in the summer, to prevent sunlight from reaching all parts of the face, especially the eyes.


Be sure to wear goggles before going swimming, because salt and chlorine may threaten the eyes with some annoying problems, such as inflammation, burning and itching.


The hand is considered a transmitter of infection to the eyes, and for this reason, care must be taken to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching or rubbing the eye, to protect it from the risk of conjunctivitis


It is imperative to follow a healthy diet in the summer, rich in nutrients beneficial to the health of the eyes, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and antioxidants, taking into account the intake of abundant amounts of water daily, to protect them from the risk of dehydration.


The eyes need to rest and relax daily for a sufficient period, because staying up at night makes them susceptible to inflammation, redness and stress, so you must get enough sleep to maintain the health of the eyes.

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