Disadvantages of drinking water while standing

Of course, we have heard a lot of rumors about drinking water after intercourse, or the harms of drinking water while standing. Despite the importance of water and its many benefits for the body, it is necessary to drink water while sitting upright, not while you are sleeping or reclining or while standing, as it must be done. Drink water three times, not once or all at once, because this is dangerous for the liver. Rather, you must drink water in three batches after you name Allah.

Why you shouldn’t drink water while standing

The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, forbade us from drinking water while standing, because of its danger to health and the benefits of drinking water while sitting. Standing, the stomach is surprised by the water descending on it, as the walls of the stomach collide with the water that falls on them strongly, and this over time leads to a relaxation in the stomach, and this in turn leads to ulcers and problems in the digestive system, most notably the difficulty of digestion.

Also drinking water while standing makes both the nervous and muscular systems in a state of tension, an attempt to control the balance in the body, and this may cause severe nerve tension that results in fainting or sudden death, so doctors currently warn against drinking while standing, Or drinking immediately after exercise, because this is dangerous to health and causes heart failure because the lungs are pressing on it.

And if we want to summarize the harms of drinking water while standing in points, they are as follows:



1- Damage to the esophagus, as this causes wounds to the sphincter muscle that connects the stomach to the esophagus.



2- Causing indigestion, as standing causes muscle discomfort and inability to relax, and thus causes indigestion.



3- Causing damage to the kidneys, because drinking while standing makes the body unable to filter the water well, and thus all unwanted impurities accumulate in the blood by descending and mixing with it, and this over time causes kidney failure.



4- Drinking water while standing is an unhealthy habit that can cause, over time, inflammation in the joints.



5- Drinking water while standing reduces the body’s use of water and reduces acids as well.



What are the benefits of drinking water while sitting?

Drinking water while sitting is good in many respects, and while you are sitting, your nerves are relaxed and you can take a breath while drinking, and therefore this is safe for your health, as you know of course that air, water and food all pass from the pharynx, so if you drink at once or mute yourself a lot While drinking, this leads to the accumulation of air in the lungs, which causes them to swell, and this leads to inflation in the lungs, and if you continue to do this habit, you may suffer from serious diseases.


Also, the descent of water into the stomach while sitting is easier and smoother than standing, and this is useful in not harming the stomach, and drinking water in batches while sitting protects against liver problems because the liver becomes weak when the water flows into it strongly, and therefore drinking in this healthy way makes the water flow to the liver Easily without overburdening the liver itself, unlike drinking while standing, which makes the liver not bear the amount of water that rushes to it, and with repeating this, a person can develop cirrhosis of the liver.

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